Thursday, 17 June 2010

West Zimmer Frame Ham United!

We may not end up with many points next season, but add up the combined age of the team and it is beginning to look odds on that we could set a new Premiership record. The Academy of Football? The Nursing Home of Football more like!

Boa (38) has signed a new pension deal on the back of 70 minutes against a less than committed Manchester City. God knows how much we are paying him. I suggested ten Midos a week would be reasonable but I suspect he has got twice that.

Meanwhile, we are apparently chasing Riquelme (31), Pires (78), Henry (52) and Beckham (49). I wouldn't be surprised if David James (98) joined us too after the World Cup. How many more old gits are out there to sign?

Sol Campbell (108) could be on the radar. Maybe Bobby Charlton (272) could be persuaded to make a come back too?

We may be pretty shit at football but if this continues, we could whip a few arses at crown green bowling!

Crown Green?


Off with his head!


Anonymous said...

we will never be as bad as when newcastle signed rush, barnes and pearce. on the other hand i would rather have 30 year olds that are good than 20 year olds that are shite. what good it youth if your only contribution to football is causing a riot at milwall or a gk being at fault for more goals than anyone else in the league..and then theres spector, he has time on his side, sadly i just wish he was 35 and out of contract.

i take it your not happy with boa signing a new deal?

Hammersfan said...

That depends on what we are paying him and how many other players arrive with free bus passes.

Hammersfan said...

Oops, Mr Dale aint happy! He has always hated Boa of course so no surprise there!

A two year deal? That seems excessive!

Stani Army said...

HF loves him. He wanted him signed up after that Man City game....or was it after that photo of Boa in his underpants?

Look at it this way, now we can sell Behrami.....or Faubert and play Behrami RB.

Even as a squad player he is very useful to have. Last season would have shown the importance of good back-up players.

Stani Army said...

Dale's unhappy because it means that Noble will have another midfielder to compete against in order to get in the team.

Pablo the mule said...

Why oh why would you give any kind of deal to Boa Morte??

Based on his contribution to the team/club since he joined (basically nothing) he certainly isn't due one. When you add to the mix that he's well on the wrong side of 30 it's just plain lunacy.

Forget what kind of deal he's on HF, even if its £1k a week its a waste. We need to move on from the past and start a fresh. The end of his contract was a perfect opportunity to get rid of some dead wood!

What next an improved deal for Spector?!?!?