Monday, 14 June 2010

Richard Wight Wright Wright? No! Richard Wrong Wrong Wrong!

The latest rumour is that we are lining up Richard Wright as a replacement for Robert Safe Hands Green. Now, if we want somebody to replicate Green's catastrophic errors on a more regular basis than Green himself manages, then Wright may be our man, but if we want a keeper who we can TRUST, a keeper who has not been moved on by club after club because he is so, well sub standard, then Richard Wright is very much the WRONG man.

If this rumour is true, then it suggests that the two Davids are concerned only with stripping down costs to the bare bones. I can hear the conversation now.

David G: How about Richard Wright?

David S: How good is he?

David G: Pretty shit to tell the truth.

David S: How expensive is he?

David G: Cheap.

David S: As chips?

David G: As a Queens Fishbar meal deal.

David S: Let's have him! How much will we get for Green?

David G: Up in the air at the moment. And that's dangerous the way he takes crosses.


michael maisonpierre said...

your comments about green show no class. his mistake against USA is what it is. his keeping for WHU has been excellent.

looking for opportunities to say you told us so in that context is an ugly thing indeed.

Anonymous said...

Good job you support West Ham. Hate to see what you'd write if you hated them.

Did you get abused my a catholic priest as a kid? would at least explain your negativity towards loved ones.


UKIT said...

Didn't Pardew sign him as cover for Green originally?

Clearly isn't premiership quality and doubt it's true.

Sounds like a lazy Daily Mail story generated from their random story machine.

Anonymous said...

This story was n the daily mail. That holds about as much truth in it as this website holds readers. None.

fred149 said...

tbh this is the year not to trust any paper talk

Hammersfan said...

Green made more mistakes resulting in goals than any other keeper in the Prem last season. How many great saves? Not many. Long time no see michael maisonpierre!

Hammersfan said...

Not a Catholic mate.

Anonymous said...

18:35 and 18:38 bingo! nail on the head time! well done..... you have his number.

Green did make more mistakes than any other keep in PL that is true but his goal ratio of England is the same as Jambo at 0.82%

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy with this signing. Good on Sullivan for trying to save some money and not put our club into further debt! Wright would be a good back up keeper considerng Green hardly ever gets injured. Wright has a fantastic season with Ipswich 08/09 then had a nasty injury last season. Good solid signing. Unfortunately for you hammersfan it looks like we have signed him. If you type ' Richard Wright West Ham' into google, his west ham profile page appears, which they have updated.

But don't worry! It'll be on a one year contract and next summer we'll get Casillas as back up to Green :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Queen's Fishbar! The ball was to blame for Green's mistake, the Algerian keeper made a very similar blunder. Something's wrong with the ball. The Krauts won 4-0 cos they've been using the ball all last season. The real question is, why the hell haven't we?

Hammersfan said...

I didn't say there was 05.40, I think it's brilliant, and great value for money. I get fish and chips before every game from Queens!

H4MM3R said...

@ 5.40 - each nation got the ball for training when they were qualified.
In Germany there is no official league ball like the Nike Ascente in England/Spain/France. Each team is allowed to use any ball they want - most of the bigger teams use adidas balls. It's understandable that adidas tries to promote their official ball as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

west ham are goner sign juan roman riquelme within the next two days on a two year contract. hes turned down four other premier league sides including aston villa. hes another free transfer but another good signing by the club. hes a argentina legend and hes only 31

Anonymous said...

Was the Queens where you got me my saveloy..... then I did an impromtu impression of Robert Wright / David Green and dropped it.


Hammersfan said...

LOL Cheers that jock lad. How's the rig? Let me know if you're getting down for a game next season, would be good to meet for another beer and a saveloy!