Friday, 25 June 2010

Joe Cole is coming home!

We can't afford Ben Haim's wages apparently, and yet we are "in the race" to sign Joe Cole. This is the same Joe Cole whose wage demands, Abromovitch was unwilling to meet.

Not terribly probable is it?

But we are in the race. In the same way as a club runner is in the London Marathon I suspect. It is good for the ego but there's no chance of winning is there?


Anonymous said...

He will be yid by the end of next week,when England go out,he will talk to arry and get booked in for forskin removel and you lot can start hateing him right away.these fools are making you look like fools.kevtheyid

Sav said...

Ben Haim should not be playing for West Ham even if he was willing to do a Mido. He is too slow and prone to errors. If this is the kind of ideas Avram Grant has then God help us. If he wants to bring some of his compatriots to Upton Park perhaps he should have a go trying to persuade Benayoun to come back to his roots.

Shaun said...

1. £100,000 per week (or thereabouts)
2. Arsenal & Tottenham reputedly 'ahead' in the race to sign him

1. Joe Cole is only 28
2. He will be on a free transfer

Two other interesting points to note HF...
I saw a press conference where he actually stated that he wished to play for West Ham again before the end of his career!! He's 29 in November!
Gold and Sullivan were quoted as saying...for the 'right players' they would not be increasing the club's debt but would fund those transfers from their own pockets! There is no transfer fee, so just fund his wages! Simple!
I can't here that fat lady singing yet!!

Stani Army said...

...and if they can fool a few fans along the way then all for the better!

Agree Sav. Ben Haim is not the only Ben either. We will see Ben Sahar here too.

Hammersfan said...

At this rate, we will sign Ben Ten too!

Stani Army said...

He's probably a more realistic signing than Beckham or Cole!

We were in for Ben-ayoun and Ben-tley. Already got Ben-ni McCarthy. Looks like they're going one better than Ben 10, for a Ben 11.

Hammersfan said...

Very good Stani.

Stani Army said...

...that was out of my arse as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Any one stopped to think that Ben Haim was too high when taken into account what they expect to pay Cole..