Tuesday, 20 December 2011

£95m to REDUCE the capacity to 60,000

Explain the logic somebody. Why spend £95m to reduce the capacity of a stadium? Why not put a screen around the upper tier seats if empty seats are a problem. Surely when we qualify for the Champions League, we will need the full capacity?

And here's a strange idea, how about offering free seats to all school children in London? How about making West Ham a family club and stealing a fan base from the cradle? Dads (absent or otherwise) can go to Chelsea and Tottenham, whilst Mums bring their angels to Upton Park. Free ticket for the child, £10 entrance to the Mum with discount shopping vouchers to the tune of a tenner negotiated with the Westfield Shopping Centre. Perfect!

All sounds like a huge waste of tax payers' money to me and a completely pointless exercise. Actually, with the running track in place, the upper tier seats would offer the best bloody view!

Oh and the latest rumour is that a rugby team will share the stadium with us. Somebody has misunderstood. It's just that Allardyce is moving West Ham Wanderers to the ground instead of West Ham United!


Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes ..

Concerning Montano who knows but have you noticed that the official site has ceased its weekly updates on our loanees.. can't be arsed or are they all fcuking up?

Sav said...

Nice one HF! It seems like a waste to me too. One spends this amount of money to expand capacity NOT reduce it!

John said...

The more I hear about the olympic stadium the less I like the idea of moving there. A shared tennancy! 99 year lease! No atmosphere! Seating a rediculous distance from the pitch! Some stupid committee as landlords calling the shots of what else goes on there! The club would lose its identity, character and financial foundation. In fact the move could eventually cause the end of West Ham existing in top flight football

Lord Canning said...

Blimey, a bit of positivety at last from HF!

Hussar !

Anonymous said...

add a 70 million loan john to that list..........laugh......you are.

Anonymous said...

oh yes.....you still have not been to a game this season so far.........yet you have the nerve to offer up ideas how to put bums on seats.........maybe play cricket on the pitch.....then you might turn up.