Friday, 23 December 2011

O'Brien, Faye, Lansbury and Faubert available for Birmingham

Unfortunately Baldock is still out, as are Taylor (injury) and Collison (suspended), but Doctor Evil has more options available to him for the Birmingham game than for the Barnsley match, which is a blessed relief. Presumably this will signal a return to a 4-5-1 formation, with the usual suspects shuffled and square pegs forced into round holes to make the "shape" feasible.

The smart money has to be on this line up:


O'Brien, Faye, Tomkins, McCartney

Diop, Noble

Faubert          Nolan          Lansbury


To be fair, that looks a pretty solid unit and with Lansbury back in the team, promises a little more in terms of creativity, but the big question is where the goals will come from? Basically you are looking for just three men to chip in with goals from open play, and the principle striker isn't exactly a goal machine is he?

Diop scored his first goal in six years on Saturday so he isn't going to offer another for some time is he? Noble seems to think you can only score from the penalty spot. And Faubert has managed a grand total of 15 league goals over his entire career! After his splurge of goals, Cole is due a barren spell and Nolan would do well to total 15 over a season. It makes defending against us a little easy doesn't it?

Our last three Championship games have seen us score just 2 goals. That is a worrying stat that is easily explained by the goal shy personnel that populates the squad. If we are going to win at Birmingham, we will have to keep a clean sheet! 


Clez said...

Hopefully he starts with Henry L as that would offer us a bit more creativity than we have had recently. However, is it not more likely he starts with Piq on the left flank? I would love to see Hall and, particulary, Montenegro, on the bench so we can introduce some pace against tired legs later on.

fred149 said...

Id rather drop faubert play lansbury on the right and bring in hall or montenegro on the left

Hammersfan said...

So would I Fred but Allardyce will pick the team!

fred149 said...

I also will be a bit annoyed if he doesn't keep potts in the side as hes already a better left back then maccartney

Hammersfan said...

You will be annoyed then Fred. If Faye is fit, Potts will be benched!

Anonymous said...

13:54 poor old fred, always one slice short of a sandwich.

fred149 said...

Potts is a must for me though as McCartney form has dropped lately and his best performance was probably as a center back last week.

Anonymous said...

Potts plays one game and now he's a first choice? get a grip Fredrick.

darrenharry said...

21:51 Get a grip? surely that's what Potts did? Can you honestly say Linda has gripped a game more than Danny this season?..Really? I'd go so far as to say I'd want Danny LW in place of Taylor as he's the best delivery from open play I've seen since Etherington (doesnt say much i know)