Saturday, 24 December 2011

Allardyce gives Blackburn's Kean and Bolton's Coyle a knife in the back for Christmas

With other managers queueing up to offer support for Steve Kean, Allardyce wasn't going to allow the little matter of Christmas and the Season of Good Will to All Men to get in the way of blazoning his ego. Would Blackburn and Bolton be in their present plight if Doctor Evil were still in charge? Not a chance in Hell!

Broadcasting on the "Evil is as Evil does" channel, Allardyce declared that Bolton and Blackburn "would not be in this if I was is as simple as that."

Never one to credit others ahead of himself, Allardyce explained: “That comes from me being confident in my own ability and my record at the two clubs. I did a really good job at both clubs."

I bet Steve Kean is really grateful for Doctor Evil's contribution to the debate at this seasonal time. A case of "Et tu Brutalised Football?"


USA Dave said...

Wouldnt it be fair to say that Steve Kean was a bit of a back stabber himself as Sam's assistant at Blackburn? If memory serves me correctly, there were reports that Kean had been speaking directly to the Venky people prior to Sam being sacked? And Kean has won 7 of something like 38 games in charge. Even Avram Grant had more points than Kean at thisnpoint in the season.

As for Bolton, I think he had four top 8 finishes there with two trips to the UEFA Cup.

You may not like his style. You may think he is an arrogant jerk. But that does not mean his statements are false. On the contrary, I would argue that based on the evidence at hand he is correct.

Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make him wrong though!

Anonymous said...

Good old Sam. He's spot on, of course. And he can now add that we wouldn't have been relegated had he replaced that fool Grant last January.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts