Wednesday, 21 December 2011

One Big Halls Up!

You can keep him. No you can't!

What the hell is going on? Yesterday we agreed to extend Hall's loan by a month; and today we recalled him to Upton Park.  What a mess.

The poor guy must be utterly bemused. The last time he was called back, Allardyce sat him on the bench and didn't use him, even though we were held 0-0 by second from bottom Bristol City, and then at the weekend, Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledummer were preferred as a combination, rather than invite Hall home early.

So what's happened? Presumably one or more of the useless big lumps has pulled up lame. So, as with Potts, Doctor Evil has been left with no choice. To hell with it, I'll pick one of the Academy products given there's no other choice. Hang on have we checked the Job Centres in Bolton? Surely there's an old lag knocking around somewhere who needs a game? No? Really? Bugger! Go on then, recall a kid! You're sure Wally Downes can't play up front? OK, then recall the bloody kid; but somebody superglue the bench in case he has any ideas about coming on!

1 comment:

Stani said...

Prone to injury. I wouldnt touch him, especially with the kind of luck our club have.

Like I mentioned months back, we should go for Justin Hoilett. Precontract, then tie it up in the summer.