Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas To Hammers Fans and QPR's Grrrs!

It's Christmas and I am a little tipsy. I hope Santa brings you everything you desire. For Hammers fans that's easy, a return to the Premier League in May and an opportunity to reach inside Princess Brady's Christmas stockings.

For the Grrrs, it may just be survival in the Prem and a grope inside Fernandes' Christmas stockings; or, for the more optimistic, Europa League qualification after Mittal has funded the signing of Tevez, Rodwell, Defoe, Zamora, Uncle Tom Cobley and all - and a grope inside Warnock's Christmas stockings of course.

Given the headlines on the News Now boards, David Gold will be relieved to be alive. Warnock will be relieved to still be in charge. Allardyce will be relieved that long ball football can still get you points in the Championship. And Fernandes will be relieved that he can fool most of the people most of the time.

Have a great Christmas Day everybody! I fancy Sears to score the winner at Birmingham and QPR to salvage a point in the last minute at Swansea. Dear God, that almost sounds optimistic, I had better go and have a lay down!



Sav said...

Merry Christmas and let's all hope for a very happy new year that will see us back in the Premiership. I rather miss the times that we disagreed a lot, but, right you are, if we are back to the Premiership with the Allardyce method we will surely need to go back to the drawing board in order to remain there.

Elf 72 (Tony) said...

Ha Ha!! Big up HF!!

As a cockney excile in Birmingham I definitely need a win tomorrow.

Thanks for the opinions, jokes and controversy.

Merry Christmas, Tony

Anonymous said...

Sears to score? thats not optomistic - thats lunacy!

Anonymous said...

What load of twaddle.... must have been drinking the medical alcohol... your going along way to making me want to support a real team like the O's.. Shame I used to enjoy watching the Irons.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know why a WHU blog is still so obsessed with QPR. A simple search proves the point.

Others have asked this before, including hammers, but no one has had a satisfactory answer. Having other fans obsessed with our club is a compliment, obviously,
and in your case a time consuming one.

So why the obsession? Any chance of a serious answer?
Peace and love, STAN.

Hammersfan said...

I picked QPR as "my team in the Prem" for this season as I have explained before. I've always had a soft spot for the club going back to the days of Bowles, Francis, Given and Thomas. Plus there is a strong link because of Anton, Gabbidon, Dyer and Fernandes. Its a bit like West Ham reserves owned by a man who tried to buy us and who purchased our stiffs instead.

dentheranger said...

I've just seen our leader's xmas message to the fans on the official site. The mood is still positive and genuine.I still believe! Merry christmas to you HF.