Sunday, 18 December 2011

Why the Suarez delay?

Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra
He either used the N word repeatedly to Evra or he didn't. What on earth are the FA deliberating over? Perhaps it is a split decision with one old duffer struggling to understand what's wrong with calling a black man a N***** exactly.

If there is TV evidence supporting Evra's claims, then Suarez should not be playing today; if there isn't, then no charge can be made to stick. Simples.

The question is, what punishment should Liverpool and Dalglish face if Suarez is found guilty? They have backed the Uruguayan 100% and will be in a very dodgy position if the case is proven against him.


Stani said...

Dalglish has done his character/reputation only harm in my eyes in regards to this situation. He should have kept quiet from the outset.

the headmaster said...

Same delay that seems to go with Mr Rednapp's troubles, HF. Talkshite were even banging on about him and his potential dilemma over the England job today! Will he ever come up smelling of anything other than roses?

Deane said...

poor little Evra Even I've been called worse.
Anybody using such pathetic language deserves to be laughed at I'm sorry I loathe racism but it's a pathetic complaint

Hammer Tee said...

What about the Terry delay also?