Wednesday, 14 December 2011

£2.5m for Tomkins? Pull your pants up Pardew!

What a bloody nerve! I thought Fernandes was taking the piss when he offered £3m for a player who will wear the Three Lions one day, but Pardew thinks he is Bruce Forsyth compering 'Play Your Cards Right' yelling, "Lower, Lower" before bidding an utterly derisory £2.5m! Pardew, of course, differs from Brucie in the sense that he's always reckoned on getting something for a pair!

Still the bid has revealed two things: firstly that we are not yet so brassic that we have to sell our blue chips for farthings; and secondly that Tomkins still hasn't signed a new contract, despite claims to the contrary. He has two years plus to run on his current deal, but if he is thinking about a move, that is very worrying as he is one of the few players in our squad who can cut it in the Prem!

Meanwhile, Pardew should be told that shafting the wife of an employee of the club is one thing, but screwing the club itself is another matter!

Although, I'd have no objections to him giving Princess Karren a seeing to - just for old time's sake you understand!


the headmaster said...

If it's true, it's a derisory offer. Let's just hope Gollivan think so. More to the point, let's hope that JT has no intention of leaving us.

Stani said...

HF, Tomkins will not play for the seniors unless something drastic Terry shagging the wives of the English first choice and second choice back four, who then decide to retire.

....maybe that's not so drastic, but you know what I mean.

USA Dave said...


Fergie has said Macheda will go out on loan in January. Fergie is also good friends with Sam.

Food for thought? Just to have more depth up front? He is closer in style to Baldock than to Cole, Carew, etc.

Hammersfan said...

Nice idea. I'd take him!

fanny said...

You'd take him? what does that mean? I hope you're not suggesting you have what it takes to manager of a professional football team? hahaha - now that would be funny, well funny as long as it wasn't West Ham. Reckon even PDC could do a better job than YOU!

Anonymous said...

Werent you the one who also predicted that Anton would follow BB's footsteps in the three lions shirts. Tomkins will never wear a full cap, never mind cut it in the Premier League. Hes not even that good in the championship

the headmaster said...

Good shout from USA Dave. Realistic too, imo. Suggestions that Zamora might leave Fulham to join us are, on the other hand, folly I'd say.

Lord Canning said...

Pardew is just playing the game ''I'm the manager of a cash rich premiership club and I can go around making silly offers to less esteemed clubs for their better players''. He been around the block enough times with less esteemed clubs to know how it works.
Silly man.