Sunday, 11 December 2011

Old Boy Etherington Stuffs Spurs!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Pulis showed Zola and Grant and Allardyce the way by using good old fashioned wingers to bring Tottenham's winning run - itself based on two nippy wide men - to a grinding halt. I keep saying how simple football is if you choose to cut out all the mumbo-jumbo crap. Attack down both flanks, stretch the opposition across the full width of the field, bang in aint rocket engineering!

And poor old Scotty was powerless to prevent it. So his record of never being in a losing Spurs team is now at an end. Scotty was booked - there's a surprise - and once again failed to either assist or score.

Tell me, who do we really miss more, Etherington or Parker?


Anonymous said...

You are cck knob know nothing about footy. cock

Anonymous said...

Both sadly, some discipline and forward players who actualy have pace and ability and can finish at Championship level. The small 'quality' squad has creaked over the last two games and with further injuries and now suspensions our team can expect to drop further points before the transfer window.
We have now lost to two teams who do not have our pedigree. The football in the last third of the pitch is too industrial. Also unfortunalty if you put pressure on our central defence from wide areas the cracks really show. Many teams will have learnt from the last two games let's hope the management behind our team have learnt also can improve on the last two Saturdays.

PM24 said...

19.41 you must be the thickest person I've ever seen comment on this site! It's almost African tribe language! By the way if you are an African part of a tribe then my apologies!

PM24 said...

That is the worst I've seen parker play for spurs. And that's because he played like he did for us! He tried to do too much, he kept running with the ball taking players on, and losing it. He dived in to win the ball and gave away free kicks. He tried to be creative, getting forward and trying to play killer balls, but giving the ball away more often than not. He looked right at home holding for spurs. But the first time hes tried to do it all himself, like he had to for us, he and tottenham fail

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but you are going too far with your anti Parker campaign.

Always slagging him off blablabla.
Nearly everything he does is not good enough. Picking up bookings and all that.

He is captain and even at spurs leads by example, you can't criticise him for losing today because it would come to an end some day and it wouldn't last anyway.
You lose as a team and win as a team, you don't play on your own.

As a midfield dynamo at west ham he was not good enough to play that role because he won't score the goals and doesn't create goal-scoring oppurtunities.

And now he is used properly as a holding midfielder and you still slagg him off because he doesn't contribute to the goal production department.

Jeezzz, how can you slag him off for not scoring as he only is asked to win the ball back when the opposition has the ball?

His job and only that is to win the ball and pass it on to creative players, nothing else!

So how can you slagg him off for that?

Always giving him the blame, you should blame the managers for not playing him properly. Not parker because he follows orders from the gaffer and not from himself.

Are you going to give Ba the blame Because his team lost at Norwich? Because he didn't score more than four goals to win the game?

I would rather have Parker than Nolan because at least Parker does something!

Hammersfan said...

The question was Parker or Etherington? Diop can hold. Look what happened when Allardyce took him off!

Deane said...


Anonymous said...

Football teams including Spurs and West Ham lose games occasionally - get used to it.

idahojohn said...

Etherington by a country mile. Was my favorite player when he played for us. Such a shame there were issues.

Anonymous said...

08:41 blimey if you can get HF to accept that then he'll lose his will to live, as they'd be nothing left for him.