Saturday, 3 December 2011

O'Neil is manager of Sunderland; but for how long?

When Geordie Steve Bruce was appointed manager of Sunderland, I said it would end in tears. And I suppose, wait long enough and any prediction like that about a manager will eventually be proved right. But the truth is, Bruce has been a disaster, not so much because of Sunderland's league position - they are in the Premiership when all is said and done - but because of his terrible record in the transfer market.

How much has Bruce blown and what have Sunderland got for their money? The squad is pretty shite isn't it? Bruce was a centre back by trade but he seems to know sweet FA about the position! Wes Brown, John O'Shea, Titus Bramble - why? Why would you BUY these guys?

The Black Cats gave me hell when I mocked the appointment of Bruce but that's par from the course when anybody expresses an honest opinion about football.

So will O'Neill be any better? Of course he will! O'Neill is a brilliant appointment, but how long will he hang around? If Spurs want a new manager, O'Neill will be off. If Chelsea decide to go British, O'Neill won't be seen for dust. If Man Utd come knocking, O'Neill will be gone. And if results don't improve quickly, I reckon O'Neill will engineer a hasty exit anyway, fearful of his reputation being damaged.

So Black Cats, enjoy O'Neill whilst you can. He may have supported Sunderland as a kid - and Redknapp supported West Ham, Arsenal and Spurs apparently - but he now supports Martin O'Neill first and last and everything!


Anonymous said...

What league is west ham in?

dazthehammer said...

off the top of my head bruce spent 8m ferdinand, 5m mccartney, 5m turner, 6m cattermole, 5m cana, 8m jones, 12m bent, 10m wickham, 7m sessegnon, 3.5m campbell, 3.5m richardson, 13m gyan. yet they still finish between 13th and 11th every season. i might of missed a few but thats pretty bad business. as for o'neil, better than mark hughes after what he did at fulham