Monday, 26 December 2011

Birmingham had Spector at right back and we still couldn't beat them!

Says it all really, doesn't it? Time and again we saw opposition teams take us apart down whichever flank Spector was stationed on, but today, Piquionne lacked the desire, the gumption, the pace and the supply to take advantage of the Wank. We were handed our goal on a plate - just like at Brighton - and then, just as at Brighton, sought to hold out for a 1-0 victory. Birmingham were there for the taking, but you don't put a team to the sword by hiding your sword in a sheaf and retreating into your own half.

When will the Allardyce supporters wake up? We are not witnessing a miracle, we are watching a debacle. Allardyce has constructed a team devoid of flair and creativity. Miserablebrough are now level on points with us, and they are crap. But then we are crap too, as today's shambolic performance proved.

God knows where we go from here. With Collison, Nolan, McCartney and Faubert all ruled out by suspensions, Doctor Evil is going to struggle to come up with 11 players to start at Derby. The thought of Piquionne starting again, no matter the shortage of players, fills me with horror. He doesn't give a shit. Dump him!

We secured a point. We are still in the top two. But don't kid yourselves, that's because this division is truly, truly shit, it's just that some shit floats!

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Sav said...

Who is even worse than Piquione? Carew by a mile. He was totally lost, didn't put a foot right, was to blame for the free header that led to us conceding and he was totally out of sync and out of pace. He is way passed it and I hope we get rid of him in January.

Despite not playing well we should have won the game if we had one out of two clear penalties. The only time that Spector committed a penalty and it was in our favour, the referee didn't give it!

Rab said...

We let Birmingham back into that game because we offer nothing at time, it seems, but a commitment to 'keeping our shape' for 90 minutes.

Piquionne is just dire. It's like starting with 10 men. And Faubert cost us three points because he can't connect with a ball in front of goal. You didn't mention him standing with back to goal and completely missing the opportunity to have a go at the rebound from Lansbury's shot. But maybe you didn't mention it out of charity!

Nolan, as you say offers so little, which will be forgiven if he manages to score plenty, even of he does little else.

There's three players right there I can't see far enough. I get the feeling that if we could start with just about anyone but them we'd be immeasurably better.

Sears is surely a better option than either Piquionne or Faubert? Sears if nothing else, might have a future.

There is the spine of a really decent team - Tomkins, Faye, Noble, Diop, Cole. We need some limbs that work....

John said...

Must say I thought Allardyce would create an organised and disciplined side but was wrong.
We were unlucky not to get two cast iron penalties for handball.
Faubert could have won it for us if he had sufficient interest in the game to keep his eye on the ball and not have his back to it.
Potts looked like a small boy in a mans game and his distribution was poor.
There has got to be something sadly wrong with Nolan both physically and mentally.I couldn't believe that foul which he appeared to find amusing!Pardew certainly knew what he was doing when he got shot of him.
Where do we go from here? sadly down the table I think but obviously hope I am wrong again.