Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Di Canio Turns On Players! Doomsday Nears in Swindon!

I said he would be gone by Christmas and I may yet be right! Di Canio lost it completely after the game with Bristol Rovers, bad mouthing his own players, saying that he would treat them as "kids" because that's what they deserve and, using a stream of four letters words in a radio interview.

The Chairman is backing him at the moment but the guy is a ticking time bomb and is going to lose the dressing room sooner or later. True, we don't want managers who tolerate sub standard performances and make excuses for lazy, can't be arsed players, but Di Canio has crossed the line here, as he was always going to do.

Chairman Wray has said Di Canio will apologise for the expletives but that apology has not been forthcoming as yet. The Italian has an ego the size of a hot air balloon and is not going to take kindly to the public humiliation involved in saying sorry. Let's face it, Mussolini wouldn't say sorry for a few swear words would he?

The players are probably hoping he goes. And they may get their wish before Santa comes down their chimneys, with Di Canio flouncing off in a huff.

Fit to manage West Ham? Not in a million years!


Deane said...

better than doctor evil or curbishley or grant nothing like a bit of passion Men that earn as much as footballers do and don't put the effort in should be told in no uncertain terms
Paulo asks nothing more than the same dedication he gave to the game It's about time the lazy overpaid prima donnas where put in their place
Go Paulo

Hammersfan said...

LOL The same dedication as Paolo? Cold November game up North, funny PDC has another niggling injury!

Two things Deane. Firstly, they aint paid that much to play for Swindon; and secondly, talk to the millionaires like that and they will tell you where to stick your club!

JIMWHU said...

well said deane hf pdc is an alltime great of westham now have your own little games with qpr great your dislike for scott parker great but leave pdc alone also theres no millionaires playing at swindon pdc was a great player hes trying to coach inferior players at swindon its his first job as a manager we should wish him luck and support him not put crap up like yours about an alltime westham great and why the picture of him you put up could you not have maybe put a picture of him up like one scoring for us against wimbledon if fat sam was to shout and swear at our overpaid millionaires we would be supporting him and saying great hes showing a bit of passion and not coming out with excuses all the time the dildo brothers have give sam a big advantage letting him buy players and supporting him and hes brought us into the dark ages with his style of football and his fitness regime is laughable ive never known westham to get so many injuries so worry about us and not swindon

Anonymous said...

"Men who earn as much as footballers do"? This is Swindon Town we are talking about Deane. This kind of outburst and public humiliation of his players shows me exactly why he was (gladly) not considered for the West Ham job. Ticking time bomb is an apt description for him. He will not last in management

Lord Canning said...

HF, you should rename this blog ''The games is Have-a Go' because that is all you seem to do these days. If it's not Parker or QPR, it's Dicksy or BFS. Why then do I read the blog daily? To see what balance others put on your particular daily slant. PDC is a legend at Upton Park, if only our current crop of under performers had a tenth of his talent.
Just for arguments sake though, HF, what would you have said to our lot after Burnley and Reading? ''Well done chaps, better luck next week? Pick up your pay packets on the way to the Mayfair club team excursion''.

It's Christmas ffs, be jolly for a couple of weeks at least.

the headmaster said...

It'll be interesting to watch Paulo's magerial career unfold. Talented footballers rarely make top notch managers, in truth. For every Dalglish there seem to be more Keanes, Alvin Martins or Paul Inces.
I wouldn't want him anywhere near the club at present but, one day, who knows?

Bigga said...

Deane - well said mate, you too Lord Canning - nice to see people stand up and be counted against the scourge of our beloved team..... that pestilence being HF.

HF - as Lord Canning suggests - Jolly up you miserable, sad and soulless git for it is the season to be Jolly.

Tracey said...

Deane, LC and Bigga! you boys rock.