Thursday, 15 December 2011

Put your money on a yellow for Nolan and Faubert!

Christmas approaches and Captain Kev and Julian Faux Pas are just one yellow card each away from a suspension. It would be a disaster for either to incur a suspension with so many players ruled out by injury, but on a personal level, it would surely suit them down to the ground. Playing on Boxing Day is, after all, a terrible, terrible chore!

So, expect a slightly late tackle from Faubert to secure him a day off after Christmas, whilst Nolan will probably just talk himself into the book, fulfilling his Captain's duties to the letter. Let's face it, he won't want a football match to get in the way of his festive turkey celebrations!

Poor Lansbury has got a lot to learn. No seasoned pro would return from injury the week before Christmas! So don't expect Matty Taylor back any time soon either!


Anonymous said...

Any one that has ever played the game at any half decent level knows that you have to play over christmas, that's there job and something they love to do! The fact its a half decent team we are playing tells me they will do there best not to get booked! If it was a slightly easier game then I would put my money on it, but no real pro wants to miss games

fred149 said...

let them get suspended maybe then BFS will be forced to give 1 or 2 kids a try

Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester writes ..

appropos of nothing .. well done Birmingham- a mere goal away in the Burges -Braga game from qualifying for the knock out stages of Europa Cup.. not bad for a championship side and perhaps good for us as it has stymied their challenge for promotion.

Also on the subject of Europa Cup why are Prem clubs (Tottingham and latterly Villa) ) so sniffy about it? if they aren't interested in qualifiying then don't enter- it's not compulosry, it's an invitation. European competition is European Competition and there are other clubs , like Stoke this season, who were only too pleased to enter - let the likes of Stoke leap frog the 'can't be bothereds' I say.

Masty said...

Fanno have ya seen the latest news on Dyer? Out for the season now!

Bigga! said...

HF I've had a gift of an idea.... I know how much you like to wind people up and with that in mind I've come up with a blinding idea which will guarantee the hits that you crave, the controversy that you desire and the hatred that you adore.

Why don't you start slagging off Bobby Moore? You can mention his alcoholism, his less than perfect managerial career, lack of goals, lack of loyalty, his failed marriage, alleged infidelities and of course the thieving of the bracelet from a jewellers in Bogotá Colombia.

Whatdoyouthink? It's bound to keep them coming here in their droves, and of course people will hate you even more - a perfect win, win scenario.

Anonymous said...

15:31 brilliant! surprised the halfwit didn't think of this himself

Anonymous said...

Its nice to know WHU fans hate him as much as QPR fans.