Saturday, 10 December 2011

Rob Green's Nightmares

Poor old Rob Green must have been tossing and turning last night, ahead of today's game at Reading. God forbid his wife asked last night, "How would you fancy a holiday in the States this summer. We could fly from Manchester and stay overnight at my cousin's in Bolton."

January 1, 2007. Turds in charge. His backers claim you have to hit rock bottom first before you can start a recovery, however, although the 6-0 reverse at Reading may have seen us sink to the bottom of the barrel we were to scrape along the bottom all the way through to March 17 and that lucky, lucky, lucky win at Blackburn.

The Team of Shame that day at Reading read:


Dailly, Ferdinand, Gabbidon, Konchesky


Benayoun, Reo-Coker, Bowyer

Harewood, Zamora

Newton, Spector and Cole all came on from the bench.

The frightening thing is that you would fancy that team to beat our current side. Dailly at right back was an obvious liability, and without Etherington, that team lacked balance on the left, just like the present team without Taylor. The present side has nobody to compete with the creativity of Yossi and none of our forwards can hold a torch to Zammo, in a Fulham shirt at least!

Green has enjoyed a shut out at Reading since but that 6-0 game must haunt him. Turds was clear on who he held responsible, not picking him in the league until February 24, when Green came back in for the 4-0 thumping at Charlton! Happy memories! Not!

Green will hope for much more protection today than he received back in 2007, but he can't be feeling great after last week's game against Burnley where the only thing he did was retrieve the ball from the back of his net.

In Platoon, Sergeant O'Neill says,  "Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one", and I share his feelings. Reading will be up for this one and we look fragile, despite the great results in November. As I have kept saying, if the luck turns, we will struggle. Well the luck turned last week and Reading will be looking to take advantage. I hope I am wrong and that Rob Green's worst nightmares do not return to haunt him.

Do Reading have an American in the team? If so, put a fiver on him to score the opening goal!


Anonymous said...

Worst WHU performance I've ever seen, both on the pitch & on the bench. 3-0 down, Bowyer pops his shoulder & Curbishley brings on Shaun Newton. Did Carlos Tevez refuse to play that day?

Sav said...

The really scary thing is that it took us more than four years to realize that the likes of Ferdinand, Gabbidon, Spector are crap and that we should have gotten rid of them there and then!

fred149 said...

If u watch the goals from that 6-0 not a single one was greens fault

Anonymous said...

Happy days HF - just like old times - eh? I can hear you salivating and smacking your lips. You just love it!

FarehamHammer said...

Becareful Fanno !.You dare not say the obvious about Robert Green.He a great club servant but ALWAYS one gaffe away from disaster.The party faithful get upset even makig the ridiculous claim that you'd rather see Green make a mistake even if it means West Ham lose.What planet are some on??.Well the second goal today LOOPED over his head.Time &time again points have been dropped because of Green's gaffes.As soon as Almunia landed between the post the last minute conceeding of goals miraculously stopped..i wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Alumina - you'll have to remind me, is he the fella the gooners speak so highly of?

FarehamHammer said...

He may not be Gordon Banks but Amunia certainly did well enough while at the Boleyn Ground &thats all im interestd in.Green -Burnley two shots two goals,Reading three shots three goals.I rest my case Mi'lord !