Friday, 23 December 2011

Shut Up Collymore You Great Twitter!

Well he was a complete arse when he was playing and a complete arse when he went dogging, so I suppose it should be no surprise that he is a complete arse as a pundit. Firing off unnecessarily because of Hansen's "coloured" faux pas, Collymore couldn't resist the rather pathetic, " What colour would that be? Blue? Green? Orange?" according to the Metro.

Well actually Stanley, if there are any blue, green or orange players out there, then yes, they would be covered by Hansen's remark. I haven't seen any, but then I haven't seen any black or white players either. Which is why, if you strip away the hysteria, "coloured" shouldn't be an issue!

Collymore, of course, is riding on the back of the PC coat tails. Like Ferdinand, he is no more black than I am. If I bought a pot of black Dulux paint and, on opening it, found it to be Collymore or Anton colour, I would want my money back!

But then, as Aston Villa discovered, Collymore never came with a money back guarantee; although the money shot was always guaranteed in the back of a stranger's car allegedly - albeit at the expense of the upholstery given his accuracy when shooting!


Anonymous said...

Well if your gonna be that picky then I'm not really black at all more of a chocolate brown ,and your probably a pale pink rather than white so let's keep it real at least , as for stand personal life , it has no bearing on me whatsoever .

the headmaster said...

He is an intensely annoying pundit. He has a Brummie voice that drills through one's head and expresses his opinions in a way that leaves no-one in any doubt he is right, always.

Hammersfan said...

It might do if your wife chanced to be in the same carpark! I'm not being picky, quite the opposite!

Anonymous said...

Stan likes colour, after all didn't he keave Ulrika black and blue.

Anonymous said...

shut up HF, you twat.