Thursday, 29 December 2011

No Rhodes Lead to Upton Park

O dear, it looks like Huddersfield are playing hard ball over Jordan Rhodes. It appears the Terriers are going to hold on to him like - well like a terrier holds on to a rag.

Will we up the bid or look elsewhere? £3m already looked like a gamble to me, anything more would be very risky and might suggest that we are thinking of selling somebody.

Many of us are keen to see Montano given a chance but Doctor Evil clearly doesn't fancy him. And then there's Hall and Montenegro.

I still reckon that the priority should be wide midfielders with the ability to beat a full back, knock in crosses and score a few themselves. The team is crying out for pace and creativity. You can have all the forwards in the world but if you don't have a supply line, they will look as useless as Piquionne and Carew!


Stani said...

I think they want to keep him for promotion. If he's that good though, we should do a pre-contract and buy him in the summer. Still don't understand why we buy youngsters like Montenegro and then never play them. Strange.

Did you hear?


Hammersfan said...

Hopefully it won't matter because we will be back in the Prem. Anyway, ITV or Channel 4 will take it on and show it at a more reasonable time!

Think we only have Montenegro on loan actually.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what your poor old son must think..... knowing your old man is a berk can be terribly damaging to a young man. I bet he's already scared for life, especially if you let him read this blog. If any of his mates get to see it then I'd put him on suicide watch.

Bigga! said...

Brian is on loan from Deportivo

PM24 said...

I'd up it to £3.75 million with peformance and promotion related add ons. Could be a risk well worth taking

Lord Canning said...

Huddersfield were never going to accept our bid. They will hold out for as much as they can get. So, we either call their bluff and tell 'em to get stuffed or the player himself brings some pressure to bear.
Agree 100% that ability and pace are needed (as I said the other day) plus a large dollop of guile.
It would also help if BFS takes off the shakles of 4-5-1.
Happy New Year to all Irons fans.

Anonymous said...

19.45 I'd be far more embarrassed if my dad trolled through blogs trying to insult someone, like a spineless little coward. If my old man was anything like you I'd be devastated! Truly pathetic

Hammersfan said...

LOL 2149, thankfully Nature has a solution to that problem. To have children, he would need to find a woman to sleep with him! Unlikely n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

21:49 so you're another one who seems to think it's ok to insult our team / players / manager / owners at ever given opportunity? Personally I'm with 19.45