Friday, 2 December 2011

A kind draw for England or not?

Well England's draw certainly could have been much tougher but any claims that our group is "easy" are very wide of the mark. Sure we beat Sweden at Wembley but how many years did we have to go between victories over them? Amazingly, we have NEVER beaten Sweden in a competitive game. The odds must be on yet another draw therefore.

So that means we will have to beat either France or the Ukraine to stand a realistic chance of progressing to the next round. France may, of course, implode again when it comes around to the Finals, but that isn't very likely - and the last time we played them, they wiped the floor with us. A draw would be a good result to be honest.

Which suggests we will have to beat the joint tournament hosts to qualify for the knock out stage. That wouldn't be easy under normal circumstances, but with the pressure on the officials to do all they can to help the home team through to the next round to keep attendances up, it is likely to be close to impossible!

Meanwhile, we will be travelling 5000 miles just to get through the group games because of our base in Krakow! And if all the women in the Ukraine dress like they are in that picture, Terry, Cole and co are not going to be focused on the football are they?

We could well be coming home early with our tails between our legs!

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dazthehammer said...

and if we finish 2nd we are very likely to meet spain in the next round so we really need to top the group which makes it even harder