Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How poor are Piquionne and Faubert?

Well the Birmingham game summed it up for me. Piquionne and Faubert are a waste of space. The Fly Tipper has appeared 20 times this season and scored just 2 goals, and one of those was a rebound as he lay on the ground bemused. He is not a winger, to be fair, but he is not a centre forward either, as he proved when clean through against both Reading and Birmingham. He is disinterested, idle and mediocre at very best. He needs to go.

Faubert has his fans but God only knows why. The guy can't read the game. He reacts. He never sees what may happen. The decision to protect his face rather than head the ball into an empty net said everything about his courage and commitment, but even more worrying is this inability to think like a footballer.  He simply cannot read the game.

With acres of space ahead of him, he stands flat on his heels until the ball is played. Marking him is so easy. He stands stock still until the ball arrives and then looks for the first opportunity to offload. Early doors, he sent over a cross that an offside Nolan missed. Had Faubert backed his pace, ran another yard and pulled the ball back, Nolan would have been onside and in the perfect position to score.

Look again at that cross to Cole which led to Myhill's brilliant save. It was behind Cole. Why? Because Faubert didn't back himself to skin the full back and pull the ball back, making defending impossible and scoring so much easier. Of course, his stupidity was there for all to see when he stood fat arse to goal as Myhill parried Lansbury's shot into what should have been his path.

Allardyce pulled him off even though he can't play on Saturday and other legs should have been saved with three games in a week. But what choice did he have? Faubert was awful.

What choice indeed given Sears replaced him? I may stop calling Allardyce Doctor Evil and opt for Hobson instead!


Bigga! said...

I love this blog - you only come alive when we're not doing well... win a game and like Piquionne you are disinterred.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Having Faubert banned for a game is a blessing. Hopefully Piq will fcuk off in January, Baldock will return to full fitness and top form (as well as Lansbury and Taylor) and we can get our season back on track! Here's to hoping... COYI.

Anonymous said...

Mental patient, Faubert was offside for the Lansbury shot, and if that had been a better striker than Cole, the Faubert cross would have been a goal.

He has been our best player all season, alongside Noble and Tomkins. How many games a year do you actually watch?

From a West Ham season ticket holder.

Anonymous said...

im no fan of Faubert, but i think he is AT LEAST improving. back then he could never properly cross, everytime it was blocked by the opposition. now at least he wait a bit and do a few tricks, and sometimes can cross

for not going in for the rebound, i think he is offside? not sure

for the header...well i think we all know his class

AT LEAST he is running around, getting into the box and tries to cover a bit in attack and defend

Hammersfan said...

LOL, last two comments! So why did Allardyce take him off? Even Doctor Evil had given up on the guy. Offside for the Lansbury shot? Maybe. But nevertheless he shouldn't have had his back to the ball. In a situation like that, you put the ball in the net and force the assistant referee to make a decision. He was fast asleep! What about the two heading opportunities? He had his eyes closed!

Anonymous said...

Answer my question, how many games have you been to this season? And if you lie, you are only fooling yourself.

I have been to every home game, and watched a few away games as well. Faubert, this season, has been without doubt in the top 3 players. 4th doesn't even come close to the trio of Noble, Tomkins and Faubert. This is a game where perhaps he wasn't at his best, but many a game he has been alongside Noble, the ONLY creative spark.

You see, I can tell that you are an armchair fan because if you was at the games, you would see his impeccable off the ball tracking back, first touch, flicks, through balls, crosses, pace and commitment, none of which are shown on The Football League Show.

Yes he was offside for the Lansbury shot, and it was a country mile off, he didn't need to turn around, he was walking back to an onside position, like many a striker would do, partially in frustration with being offside. He had a bad game, yet was still one of our better players.

GIVEN UP ON THE GUY? ARE YOU MAD? He has started every single game he has been available for. He is one of the first names on the teamsheet. He was jaded, frustrated and on a yellow - in danger of being sent off, which is why he was subbed off. Stop living in the past off his past failures.

As usual, like a mental patient, you focus on the negatives. He does not claim he can head, nor does Allardyce play him in the team to do so. He is a small wide man. Aaron Lennon does not head, neither does SWP, nor Walcott, nor Downing, nor Young.

Get off his case and buy some Prozac.

Hammersfan said...

SWP headed the opening goal against us for Man City two seasons back actually - and I was in the Bobby Moore lower to see it. I was also at Reading to watch Faubert leave the right back berth empty within ten seconds of O'Brien being sent off and watched his inability to read the game all match. Passing and crossing was piss poor at Southampton too! How many sitters has he missed already this season? How many assists exactly?

Stani said...

Wasn't you telling us how good a purchase Piq was by Grant, HF?

Anonymous said...

Mental patient, I asked you, how many games have you been to this season, and you still have not answered.

Well done, you gave me one example of all of those players that have scored a headed goal - and it was an example of only one goal. I didn't say Faubert isn't capable of scoring with his head, I'm saying that's not why he is on the team sheet.

Gary Speed has nothing to do with me or others calling you a mental patient - why are you bringing his name up in the other post. We will call you it until you realise you have a condition which needs to be treated.

Hammersfan said...

Still using mental illness as an insult I see. You really are a foul individual aren't you? You cannot understand why that is inappropriate following the death of Speed? Try engaging your brain.

I think I listed the games I've been to this season if you check.

Anonymous said...

00:35 don't get sucked in.... he only says if for effect - all he is interested in is controversy and his precious hit counter - pretty shallow I know but that's how it works.

He used to think of himself as a big cheese on the .org then when they'd had enough of his rubbish he set up his own blog. To prove a point he is only concerned with the amount of visitors to this blog to try and prove that he is better than the .org

Unfortunately for him when you visit the Alexa traffic comparison website his blog is still out performed by .org WHTID and KUMB which leaves him with little choice. Being "controversial" slagging off other teams in the hope the hit counter goes up.

Very one dimensional I know, personally I've found the best treatment is just to ignore him.

Hammersfan said...

But you don't ignoore me do you? Why? If what I say is just for effect, why do you respond? Surely you feed the troll then? Makes you kind of stupid don't you think?