Saturday, 31 December 2011

Allardyce lets fly at Piquionne and Carew!

And not before time! On the eve of the Derby game, Doctor Evil has had a swing at goal shy and lazy arse Freddie the Fly Tipper and John Not Got A Carew. Quite simply, they aint pulling their weight according to Allardyce.

I love the bit where Allardyce says that they are not earning as much as they did in the Prem but that's "their fault". Great stuff!

Mind you, Piquionne might retaliate by pointing out that "left winger" isn't on his job description, whilst Carew might reasonably claim that forwards can't score if the team sit back and defend all game.

Allardyce has also said that the substitutes are not pulling their weight when brought on. That's another dig at Carew, of course, but it also includes Sears and Lansbury, who failed to impress when brought on at Birmingham.

Considering how short we are of numbers, Doctor Evil is taking a bit of a chance here. Some managers might be massaging egos, but not Allardyce. He's kicking balls. And good job too!

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Kai said...

too many big egos in football, so glad that atleast a few managers dare to speak up