Thursday, 22 December 2011

QPR Drinking in Last Chance Saloon before Christmas.

Poor old QPR. They remind me of an alcoholic sitting in a bar bemoaning his bad luck but telling anybody who will listen that everything will be fine after he has won the lottery in January.

Yesterday was a huge kick in the cobblers and has left the Hoops curled up in agony in the corner of the Last Chance Saloon gasping for air. The last five games have yielded just one point and the joyous Noel predicted by all those following the Fernandes star has turned decidedly sour, so sour that I understand the Python team are currently planning a "Life of Tony" movie.

The trouble is, QPR, like West Ham last season, have thrown away far too many winnable home points. The Hoops have won just one home game from 9 - and that was lucky against a team of 9 players. Defeats at home to Bolton and Sunderland and draws at home to West Brom and Blackburn all represent vital points thrown away. There is a dangerous echo of West Ham here as we duplicated those results last season.

You survive by winning winnable home games, and QPR are running out of those! The target games now come down to home matches against Norwich, Swansea, Wolves, Fulham, Stoke and Wigan. That's 18 points which would take QPR to 34. Then it is a case of drawing 4 or 5 matches home or away. The trouble is, if 4 of those identified games end up as draws, QPR are then 8 points short, and their results so far make victories in all six of those games very unlikely. If you can't beat Blackburn and Sunderland at home, why should you reckon on beating Fulham, Wolves, Stoke and Norwich?

Warnock, of course, has been here before and by mid March had Shafting United sitting pretty on 32 points with some easy home games still to come. Then along came Tevez and...well the bleating started!

But at the moment Neil is smiling, ordering another stiff one and telling anybody who will listen that everything will be all right when his mate Tony Fernandes gives him a big cheque in January.

"Three or four players", he slurs, "We just need three or four players. And Tony will give me the money. Tony's a very rich man you know. He owns an airline. And a Formula 1 team. And he is going to build a shiny new stadium. After last night's defeat he will start telling everybody about it again. Just you wait and see. And we won't sell Faurlin. And there will be loads of quality players happy to join us despite our position in the table and the low attendancies to home games. They all want to play for me you see. And they all want to share a dressing room with Joey Barton. Barman, another drink. It's Christmas!"


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Lord Canning said...

HF, I cannot understand your obsession with constantly belittling of our good neighbours, QPR. If your vitriol was aimed at Warnock and/or Fernandez then ok there may be some history there. The club itself and their supporters have never alluded to any greatness other than a desire to stay in the Premiership where 'second season syndrome' beckons if they survive this one.I have never heard a QPR fan goad us, but they will if we arrive in next season's premiership with the shite squad we have, as we struggle to get past 10 points before Christmas 2012.
What goes around comes around and it's all stacking up against you just waiting to be released.

Leave them alone, ffs.

Darrenharry said...

Those trousers do nothing for him.

Anonymous said...

Ok Hf, but dont entirely agree. I said twice before in two of your blogs that we r threading thin ice and we will rely on decent , not spectacular, signings in Jan. More importantly now, we need these players in quickly. We cannot afford to wait until window is almost shut as more games pass us by without these obvious additions needed. We have a torrid finish to the season and need to have a much improved next 3 months or we r down or at least a very nervy finish. But heres the disagreement, 17 games in and we r above relegation zone albeit only 2 pts. There are still,thankfully, a large no of weak teams this yr and I still expect to stay ahead of the bottom 3. I do not care if we r ending the season staying up on goal difference or a point better off. Every season there is a dramatic fall of 1 or 2 midtable teams who get dragged into the dog fight for the drop and expect that to continue. Last nights defeat was the hardest to take for myself to date but still optomistic of fighting back. Tarrabbt was fab last nite wish he could do it every game...stranger things have happened. Not giving up yet!
Irish R - Galway

Anonymous said...

Wondered where you'd gone.
And then wisdom! QPR (my team) are throwing away winnable home points, well thanks for that!
Those of us who sit there in W12 watching these disasters hadn't noticed, it needed a genius doctor like you to spell it out, thanks again.
I actually still don't think we'll go down. a. Warnock may be able to improve the squad and b. we're lucky to be in the Premiership in a season with 4 teams even worse!
Stop going on about it and worry about your own chances in the play-offs when Boro overtake you...

Marshbowl said...

HF your a banker of the highest quality mate . Know nothing and speak shite wonder how ugly you are in real life because your a talking arse.

Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming, HF. This blog is one of the best online. Pure comedy

Bigga! said...

17:15 pure comedy indeed, the fella is a real comedian - and in case you're wondering I don't mean that in a nice way.