Sunday, 18 December 2011

More Biased Coverage From The BBC!

Did anybody watch the Championship Show yesterday? How brief were the highlights of the West Ham v Barnsley game? Blink and you would have missed us! Dear God, they even edited out the cat! Maybe Princess Karren has insisted that she's the only Claret & Blue pussy allowed on TV!

Anybody would have thought that the game was shit and that football fans don't want to see a keeper pumping the ball long every time he gets it, with three lumbering forwards chasing after it, trying to get something, anything on it. But if that was the case, why was Upton Park full to the rafters again yesterday? If Sullivan and Gold can sell this shit to Hammers fans, surely the BBC can find a way of making our games into a freebie television spectacle.

Perhaps they could try sepia, pretending they are showing football from the 1880s; you know the sort of thing, playing upon nostalgia - this is what football was like before players developed ball control and a game based around passing the ball along the ground.

Or perhaps they could film our games at pitch level and invite viewers to play "Spot the Ball" whenever it bounces?

Once again we see the BBC's bias against West Ham. Just because the football is boring, that's not an excuse for showing such limited highlights. If Attenborough can insert scenes of polar bears filmed in a German zoo into his Frozen Planet programme, why can't the editors of the Championship Show recycle exciting moments from other West Ham games, slipping them in as if they happened in the game they are showing?

Be more inventive for God's sake. West Ham fans don't want to face up to reality!


Masty said...

I have to admit that I was more interested in viewing Big Sam's antics & the booing of Nolan than the actual football.

Stani said...

Your sarcasm acknowledged HF, I really think the FL Show should follow the MOTD format and rather than show long highlights of one or two games and short for every other one, spread the time more equally among all the games.

I heard Carlton went on an amazing run, although he missed at the end, but they didnt show it.

I was lead to believe that when they put the highlights on the BBC site, they are longer. Haven't checked yet though.

Hammersfan said...

That's true Stani.

the headmaster said...

I don't think we were that agricultural yesterday, as it goes, HF. Some of the approach play was fairly measured, imo. Thought Potts put in a couple of quality crosses too. We has two, possibly three, VERY good shouts for penalties and, with a decimated squad (including no Baldock which does leave our attack very one dimensional) we deservedly won a football match. I think that the lack of coverage has little to do with BBC bias, more to do with the format of the Football League Show.

Deane said...

I think you'll find the BBC have conflict of interest issues here Their show is called the FOOTBALL league show after all

Masty said...

Deanne Pet, what you doing for Christmas - fancy a drink and a smooch under the mistletoe?

Anonymous said...

Feel bad for you guys having to suffer that gimp Maniche, and worst of all fucking steve claridge, what a wanker. The football league show is a farce, but hey we are on MOTD for now!!! URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS

Anonymous said...

Surely you must have learnt by now that unless your from Manchester, the BBC is biased against your club.