Monday, 19 December 2011

The Return of the Joker

Full marks to KUMB for hunting down the Grand Puppet Master. Mere mortals, surveying the carnage left behind after his tenure as CEO, were wondering what exactly had happened to him. Like Lucan and Shergar, it appeared he had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Well, not quite, he popped down to Australia apparently, the land of sharks, vagabonds and transported criminals strangely enough.

And now he has returned to Blighty, transported no doubt in an earth filled wooden box and pitching up in a storm at Whitby. As is the way of the world once you have attained to a certain level, the little matter of steering a football club onto a financial iceberg has not been an impediment to landing another high paid job - for Scotty is allegedly now a partner in Rix and Kay LLP, based in Mayfair no less.


Anonymous said...

Good idea Shefflied United could do with him.
Maybe he will mess up the club so badly he can make them pay the pay the 30 million back to us.

Even better, he could make Sheffield United bankrupt.

Bigga! said...

All those words and only 1 comment - how about quality over quantity as a New Year's resolution?