Thursday, 22 December 2011

QPR - One Point in Fifteen Spells Disaster

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh one point. Far be it from me to say "I told you so". What pleasure would I gain from that exactly? Just because Rangers fans have abused me each time I have pointed out that they face a struggle to survive this season, that doesn't mean I feel the need to gloat. Heaven forbid!

Mind you, those GRRRs who have repeatedly called me an idiot (when being polite!) might like to take a look at the Premiership table. After the disastrous last minute defeat at home to Sunderland tonight, Rangers sit fifth from bottom and just two points above the drop zone. And for the first time in some time, the points per game return, if averaged over the whole season, would see them fall below the 38 point safety line.

Even more worrying for Rangers is the goal difference position. Look at the clubs above Rangers and none are showing a significant deficit, but Rangers, in common with all those beneath them, are horribly in arrears. And is that surprising with Gabbidon in the starting 11 and Dyer on the payroll? Let me remind Rangers fans again that new signings Gabbidon (West Ham), Wright-Phillips (Man City), D J Campbell (Blackpool), Young (Charlton), Dyer (West Ham) and Barton (Newcastle) have all been relegated from the Premiership, as have Helguson (Watford), Paddy Kenny (Sheffield United) Shittu (Watford), Tommy Smith (Watford) and no doubt others!

Talk of big money signings in January has gone a little quiet of late and what self respecting Premiership player would fancy playing for a struggling team in front of gates of below 20,000 anyway? QPR are sadly the Wigan Athletic of London, except Wigan have the well respected Martinez in charge, whilst QPR have Warnock! Incredibly, whilst West Ham had a full house of 34,750 for Saturday's home game with Barnsley, Rangers could only attract 16,167 to tonight's game with Sunderland. You have to ask if Rangers fans deserve a Premiership club if they can't turn up in greater numbers than that!

Warnock is sure he can sort things out with a few signings in January but he should look at what is happening over at Blackburn and what transpired at Birmingham. New Asian owners talk a good game but when it comes to actually stumping up cash, well suddenly they don't answer the telephone!

I take no pleasure in writing this whatsoever and I am in no way gloating. Here's hoping Fernandes answers the phone in January and delivers the cash he has semi promised. Who knows, Warnock may spend it wisely and things may turn around. But I wouldn't bet on it!


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that it is fair to use sarcastic comments regarding a club in a higher position than you. You may be blinded by jealously and you're free to argue back at me but in the eyes of all fans you are making a mockery of you're club and an already much hated blog. You're other articles seem to perceive the idea that your club West Ham are in a better position than the clubs you mock. Further more you only get away with mocking these clubs due to them having previous West Ham players, you have been merciless concerning pointing out their flaws and not with their positives.- ConcernedFan

Anonymous said...

In the words of Karl Pilkington, you f***ing tw*t!

PM24 said...

Slightly unfair comparing their attendances with ours, we have more fans at our games than most prem teams! I went to school with tommy smith so I actually wish him success. Also play poker with his brother jack, a millwall player! Hard to wish him success aswel!

Hammersfan said...

Two GRRRs so far failing to address the key points. The facts are:

1) QPR are embroiled in a relegation struggle just as I predicted.

2) The easier start to the season created a false picture, just as I predicted.

3) The squad isn't strong enough to succeed, even in a mediocre Premiership. Look at how many have been relegated from the Prem already!

4) QPR have won just one home game from 9 - and that was against a team of 9 players!

5)9 home games have yielded just 8 goals. Defeat whilst scoring twice marked a new nadir yesterday. The forwards can't score (unless against nags like Brown and O'Shea) and the defence can't keep a clean sheet.

6)The 3 away victories are great but its always good to play Everton early doors, whilst the victory over Stoke was achieved whilst they were in a slump.

7) Defeats at home to Bolton and Sunderland and draws at home to West Brom and Blackburn all represnt vital points lost. There is a dangerous echo of West Ham here as we duplicated those results last season. You survive by winning winnable home games, and QPR are running out of those! The target games now come down to home matches against Norwich, Swansea, Wolves, Fulham, Stoke and Wigan. That's 18 points which would take QPR to 34. Then it is a case of drawing 4 or 5 home or away. The trouble is, if 4 of those games end up as draws, QPR are then 8 points short, and results so far make victories in all six of those games very unlikely.

punkrockhammer said...

What's with the QPR obsession? I couldn't give a toss about how they are doing, or any of the washed up old hammers they have on their books

As for our gate Saturday, the only reason we had 34,750 was because we sold tickets for £15 each, which is all it was worth as the football was dire. I had to get up at 6.30am to travel to watch that shit

What has happened to the atmosphere? A full house, yet I heard NOTHING sitting in the front row of the Alpari upper

On a seperate note, what club only sells replica kits through their club shops and then runs out of a seasons supply of long sleeves bar XL, and has only short sleeves in medium upwards before xmas??

Concerned Blogger said...

I do not believe that it is fair to use sarcastic comments regarding a club in a higher position than you. You are clearly blinded by jealously and you can feel free to argue back at what I state, but in the eyes of everyone that reads these articles on this blog, you are making a mockery of you're club West Ham and also a laughingstock of an already hated blog page.

To back up you're statements with such evidence such as averages is ridiculous in the sense that sport in the only place where probability does not apply.

Furthermore your articles seem to perceive the idea that West Ham are in a much better position than the teams you constantly bleed out their flaws and cast a shadow over there positives. You are clearly sobering the drunkenness of relegation by disheartening random teams simply because they contain previous West Ham players in the side.

You call Martinez a respected manager and then proceed to say that Qpr have Warnock without any explanation why this is or where you're going with this argument. You also seem to bad mouth Wigan and then decide to praise the man in charge of the football club.

One more flawed argument you have is the assertive statistic on stadium attendances. Qpr's full attendance is round about 18,000 where West Ham's is around 38,000, using the difference in capacity as a way of making the reader think West Ham has more loyal supporters is a minor case of fraud.

One more flawed argument that your article contains is deserving a place in the Premiership due to the lack of attendance. I can assure you that the Qpr section of the ground had been sold out and it was Sunderland's supporters who brought attendances down, Qp have no control over what Sunderland fans decide to do on their Wednesday evenings and therefore is nowhere near our fault that we reached around 80% of our stadium capacity. If you have a problem with low attendances you may want to write an article about Sunderland i'm sure we'll all like to see that.

Brain said...

You can't argue that we do not have a strong enough squad as the success of Norwich with some players thought to be not even strong enough for the Championship.

In the Premiership you can only beat what is in front of you and Chelsea with nine men is as dangerous as most lower placed teams in the division, as for Stoke we come from behind and held on to grind out a win which all Premier league teams fear to go.

We never argued once that QPR wasn't in a relegation battle and if you were to ask any QPR fan they would say 4th bottom would mean we had a great season.

You are also clearly being bias towards you're own team by saying the Premiership is mediocre when last year when your team was in the Pship you would call it strong.