Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lucky Leicester Fail Again!

Tell me, why wasn't Konchesky shown red when he chopped down Martin at the knee to concede the penalty? The Ipswich man had a clear run on goal and Konch was unquestionably the last defender. The foul was crude and cynical and would surely have secured red if committed a yard OUTSIDE the box. But  referee Drysdale bottled it, deeming the penalty punishment enough for the home team. Coward!

Leicester were inept yet again. Their penalty was justified but undeserved in the sense that it was an unforced error. And given Ipswich missed their penalty and the Foxes should have been playing with ten men for 89 minutes, they were bloody lucky to come away with a point.

Defensively they are a complete mess. How many opportunities did they have to clear before Ipswich scored their scrappy goal? Bowyer delivered the initial cross and got on the end of it to put it in the net. What a joke! And the way the defence parted like the Red Sea in the first minute of the game says it all. Pearson should have stuck with Hull!


Anonymous said...

You seem to like talking about Leicester City, more than your own club.

It was never a red card for Konchesky, and the referee got the decision right. If you'd observed LCFC closely this season you'll be aware that we've been on the wrong end of some very biased officiating at times, so no we're not lucky.

We're not great either right now unfortunately, and any LCFC fan will admit that, as would the manager. I still don't understand why you have some sort of petty hatred of our club though. You can't say it's because of our extra cash, because West Ham are chucking it around a fair bit. So I don't understand.

You don't do yourself any favours making prejudiced judgements based on brief highlights though.

Hammersfan said...

Never a red card? So, how did it not qualify under:

"Denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player's goal by an offence punishable by a free-kick or a penalty kick"


Please enlighten us!

Rob said...

And what about the 'one on one' foul on Beckford in the 6th minute?

Anyway, I agree with the first poster. What is your problem with Leicester? Were you stood up by a girl (or maybe even a man) from Leicester once upon a time? LCFC aren't a concern to West Ham this season, we're shit, so what is it? The only thing I can think of is that you're some sort of English wanky patriot who didn't like the idea of the English national team having a dirty foreign manager about 10 years ago, and that happened to be Sven, who then became manager of Leicester.

If that's not your reason, then I don't know what it is and you're obviously extremely sad.


P.S. You'll probably get promoted via the play offs; Southampton and Middlesborough top 2, you'll scape through it, with all your millions and your 'Premier League squad and manager', and good luck to you. Not LCFC's fault we're shit. Get over yourself and be a real fan and support your tem.

Rob said...

No doubt you'll delete that last comment. Please prove me wrong, as occasionally you write something worth reading... !

Hammersfan said...

Only delete comments that include racism or the F and C words Rob.

He couldn't pull out a red after failing to send off Konchesky could he? And had Konch gone, the rest of the game would have unfolded differently wouldn't it?

The match hinged on the failure to show red. It was a poor, poor decision.

As for my interest in Leicester, I still expect you to make a charge. And I still think it was wrong to poach Pearson. I have no issues with Sven whatsoever.

Jack said...

Hmmmm I think somebody doesn't like us. Do we care? not really.

Anonymous said...

You do seem to talk way to much about Leicester. Should really concentrate on your own club. West Ham have spent just as much as Leicester, who yes, have finally had some cash to spend this season after quite a few tough years, so to be honest, its well deserved.

Rob said...

That's fine, glad you'll only delete comments if they're racist or offensive.

Still don't understand why you write so many posts aimed at Leicester though - maybe Konchesky should have been sent off, maybe not (interpretation of that kind of foul is a funny thing when it's your team involved, as I'm sure you'll agree), but maybe the Ipswich defender could (probably should) have been sent off too. So why mention it?

I'm still at a loss as to why you keep writing about Leicester? What have we done to West Ham that offends you so much? Southampton, Middlesborough, Cardiff, Hull, Reading, Blackpool, Leeds, Burnley, Palace and Brighton are all above us, and apart from (in my opinion) Palace and Brighton, all of the those mentioned are far more of a threat to your precious top 2 place than Leicester will be this season. All seems very strange to me.

But I bear you no ill, keep up the good work with the rest of the blog (but leave LCFC out of it please!) and good luck. Maybe it will all work out for both of us...! Perhaps we can meet up at the play-off final at Wembley for a pint?!

Rob said...

Probably didn't answer your questions:

1. Had Konchensky gone, it might have been a different game. Fair point. Borderline decision I'd say. Odd no card of any colour was produced.

2. Had the ref sent off the Ipswich defender 4 minutes later for a 'last man' tackle it might also have been a different game, would you not agree? Ref gave a yellow... Decisions go for and against all the time, so we have to live with them, it's what makes us able to go to the pub after the game and slag the refs off (and therefore blame somebody else for our own teams inadequacies)

3. We may make a charge, but it won't affect West Ham. You, Southampton and Middlesborough have got the top 2 sown up (one of you will miss out obviously), the rest of us are miles off the pace. Play-offs (and scraping into them on the last day of the season) are as good as we can expect.

4.'Poaching' of Pearson - happens all the time. Unless the manager you employ is out of work (and he's usually out of a work for a reason), then everybody does it. Doesn't make it right, but it's the way it is unfortunately. Would you slag off Doncaster for 'poaching' Dean Saunders from Wrexham? Or Norwich for 'poaching' Paul Lambert from Colchester? Villas-Boas from Porto? Wenger from Grampus 8? Redknapp from Portsmouth? Moyes from Preston? Where do you draw the line?

Peace and goodwill (or some such bollocks) and good luck in 2012


Hammersfan said...

It's late for this discussion. You shouldn't be allowed to take a manager from a team in the same division IMO. Fine from a lower league or another country. I know we did the same with Pardew but I've said before that was wrong.

Rob said...

You're right, it is far too late. However, what's the difference with taking a manager from a different league/country compared to one from your own league? It still destabilises everybody, whatever league/country you're in. Is it it any different from taking a challenger's best striker (crap example, but's that what Chelsea tried to do with Torres, also Rooney to Manchester Utd from Everton, Nasri to Man City, Andy Cole from Newcastle to Man Utd, Berbatov from Spurs to Man Utd etc etc blah blah blah).

Football works the way it does. It's rubbish and is dominated by money. That's why Leicester (and, god forbid, West Ham) should be running away with whatever it is they call Division One these days. Fortunately for you, West Ham are making a decent fist of it (despite your manager). Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for lots of people who don't like the idea that somebody has got more money than them, sometimes it doesn't work out. It's not our fault though. Nobody asked for us to become the 'Man City' of the Championship (copyright whatever shite right-wing newspaper you may care to read). I'd include me there if it was the oither way round - do you know how pissed off I was when Blackburn, funded by Jack Walker's millions, beat us in the play-off final in 1992 (?) thanks to a blatant dive by David Speedie.

Money eh? Keeps the whole thing going, but is ruining it too... no idea what the answer is.

Anonymous said...

Guys it's not just leicester HF always writes about, it's most clubs, and is usually about a fractious issue such as the sending off. It only shows up on newsnow when it's your own club and having seen it for me it was a sending off, sorry.

Stu said...

Everyone talks about consistency with refs, and yes he could have gone, but at least the ref was constant in his approach throughout the whole game, so luck pays no part in it.

As for Leicester i said at the beginning of the season spending all this money will not buy us the league, but i got told i was being negative (i argued realistic). Wellens seems to have past it, and we didnt sign a player to replace him, and Sven decided we needed 28 centre midfielders each of them as average as the last. but that is who we could attract, unlike West Ham who manged to attract Nolan (easily the best english midfielder in the Prem last season).

Our prem signing of Beckford hasn't worked because we dont have the prem player to pass it to him, if we had nolan, beckford would be top goal scorer, as LCFC would learn what a through ball is again!

I think Soton will fall away and hammers will get auto promotion, but good luck!

Anonymous said...

you are the most boring idiot i have ever about a broken record. just because west ham are starting to fail you cant stop talking about the better team. same old fat ugly west ham retards if you ask me. your nose must be quite brown by now and word of advise, this is a west ham blog but you need to go back to journalist school cause you cant pull your self away from us. bless... p.s west ham scummiest club in any football league.

Anonymous said...

boring west ham fan right about yourself for a change, oh wait, there is nothing to say... forevever blowing bubbles? forever blowing shite!!

tommy said...

HF Can write whatever he wants, it's his blog. If you don't like it, don't read it. There's only so much you can write about West Ham at the minute, articles about other clubs are fresh, interesting and entertaining because they get idiot fans that come on here with their silly insults! Fair play to Rob who seems to have some brains in him but the rest of you just look stupid and aren't doing much good for the image of Leicester fans.

Anonymous said...

11.15 are you 11 years old? because by what you wrote it sounds like you are

by the way this might be a west ham orientated blog, but it is also a football blog. therefore other teams will be discussed.

and remember guys, all that is written here is opinion, not fact. so try not to get so upset over it.

Rob said...

HF - come back and discuss please! I've been blessed with 'having some brains', which is a first for me, so it would be good to talk...

And as for most Leicester fans who've posted on here (yes, I am one) - they are doing themselves no favours with the 'you're shit, we're better' stuff. Message to any fan who's going to comment on another team's blog - make a point that you believe in (even if other people may disagree), rather than use childish insults. Just makes you look like a child...


Hammersfan said...

Sorry Rob, didn't mean to ignore your last post.

My issue with poaching a manager from a club in the same division is that you gain an unfair advantage over a competitor. I have been required to sign contracts preventing me from joining competitor companies within a set time frame because of the danger of me taking commercially sensitive information with me, and the same should apply to managers of football clubs. Pearson knows Hull's transfer targets and may, indeed, target players he knows to be unsettled at Hull. He also brings with him knowledge of opponents gained from matches played whilst he managed Hull and, of course, knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Hull team inside out.

The same does not apply to a player.

Mind you, I favour a system where managers cannot be changed during a season, full stop. That would stop this terrible hounding of Steve Kean at Blackburn, and would prevent the likes of O'Neill standing in the shadowss waiting for the right manager to be stabbed in the back. Sven was sacked because your lot thought there was a chance of getting MO'N. He then did to you what he did to us last season, sniffed in your garden, had a shit, then slipped through Sunderland's black cat flap!

Rob said...


I agree with you to some degree. In some jobs (i.e. the job you have that you refer to) you have to sign agreements etc. Some other jobs (i.e. the one I have, which involves being paid very little for pulling pints - hence the odd times I post messages), I don't even have a contract of employment. Your job means you can't be sacked without warnings, official warnings, last warnings and so on, and you can go to a tribunal if you think you've been wrongfully dismissed (which is obviously the way it should be). My job means I can be sacked tomorrow for no other reason than somebody else can be employed the day after who wants less money, or my employer thinks can do a better job than me, or whatever. It seems that football managers, despite the vast amount of money they receive (compared to you and me, not compared to the footballers they supposedly teach), are in my situation rather than yours. It's all very strange really.

Maybe managers should command transfer fees, and only be replaced/sacked/swapped in the transfer window?

Agree that the hounding of Steve Kean is well out of order. Maybe he's out of his depth, maybe not, I don't know. I don't watch Blackburn enough to make an informed opinion. To me it seems the owners are making a good job of taking the club down the toilet, but surely Blackburn 'fans' (I use that term loosely) are only helping to take them down the toilet a bit quicker?

Your comment about Martin O'Neill is probably a bit unfair. There is obviously a big connection between MON and Leicester, which there isn't with West Ham. He never said he wanted the Leicester job, the owners never said they were interested, it was all newspaper talk. What I would say about MON, however, is that he certainly knows when to leave - he's left Leicester, Celtic and Villa with an aging squad that needed a huge overhall. And he knows when to take a job - disillusioned fans, previously unpopular manager, money to spend... the man ain't stupid.

Final point on managers: I would guess you're not terribly happy with the self-styled Big Sam operation at Upton Park these days (even though I still think he'll get you promoted). I wouldn't be greatly impressed either if he was in charge of LCFC. But... he's your manager. Let's say you're 12th in the table after half the season. So if he was sacked and you took Nigel Adkins/Tony Mowbray/Dougie Friedman/Malky Mackay/Brian McDermott (all of whom, as far as I'm aware, want football played the way it should be) you'd be unhappy and would make a big protest about it?

Oh well, happy new year. It will probably turn out shit for all of us as usual :-)


Hammersfan said...

You won today! That charge may be about to start! You can pull me a pint if I come up to Leicester mate! by the way, the managers leave with huge pay offs when sacked! I wish I could collect a million for failing!

Rob said...

They may leave with huge pay-offs... well, a few of them do. Most of them don't. In the grand scheme of things (and I'm talking about football outside the top two or three divisions, which is surely more important, even though you and me both support teams who think they should be in the Premiser League) most football managers work for not much more than somebody who answers a phone in an office - not that there's anything wrong with answering a
phone, and I know I couldn't do it!

Probably what I'm trying to say is that money has f~~~ed football, but at the same time is the only thing that's keeping it going. You and me ain't going to change it, and whilst the tossers in charge of the FA, UEFA and FIFA continue to be in charge (only interested in lining their own already bloated pockets), it will continue as it is. So while it's like that, I'll keep supporting Leicester, you'll keep supporting West Ham, we'll argue over the internet, and hopefully we'll meet up for a pint some day.


P.S. Can't see our 'charge' beginning just yet... maybe give it a year and we'll be a bit more like it... as for now, if I was you, I'd be more worried about Middlesborough, Cardiff and probably Blackpool... Southampton are falling apart, but Leicester won't be in any fit state to take advantage of this