Monday, 12 December 2011

Huck me, idiotic Spurs supporters behuddled and conhused!

Hucking filarious! What a buncf of hucking hools! Huckwit Spurs supporters have got tfeir Fs and Hs in a twist, bombarding hour time Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy with abuse after the dodgy rehereeing perhormance of Chris Foy on Sunday.

Never mind that Foy awarded Spurs a penalty for a Gold Medal standard dive by Modric, fe is to blame, apparently, for Stoke's victory over the Cocky Hools. Notfing to do with old boy Matty Etferington notcfing a double against tfem tfen, with an assist from Croucf, wfilst Woodgate played out 80 minutes. Wfat a hucking poke in the eye!

Only idiot Spurs supporters could be tfis stupid! Wfo next? Kylie's han club could take some stick after a Riley rehereed game! Great arse on Mike in tfat picture guys!


Anonymous said...

Aaagh... at last the penny has dropped. The blog writer's initials of HF are really FH, for F***ing Hell.

I'm not a Spurs supporter but they were well and truly hucked by the official's decisions:

2 penalties not given for hand to ball goal line clearances
Disallowed "offside" goal which was about two yards onside.
Very harsh sending off.
Handball assist by Crouch for Stoke goal.

You can understand one or two decisions being called wrong, but when there are about six all going against the same team then something is badly wrong.

I don't blame Stoke. There are mega bucks involved and you can understand they will take the rules to the limits. All of this could easily be sorted by reviewing the video replay and over-riding the ref. if necessary. Much better to get the decisions right.

I'm still p**ed off (by the way) when West Ham were robbed in the Cup game at Stoke by a dodgy Ethrington penalty call and Huth manhandling the wall at a free kick which led to the winning goal. Oh well "H" it.

Stani said...

'FH'!!! Hahaaa...
On a serious note, refs need to start clocking on to Stoke's tactics. They've been doing it so long, can't believe they haven't already, it's disgusting. Huth is just pure filth and it seems Shawcross is trying to overtake him.