Thursday, 5 January 2012

Allardyce Signs Up Budweiser After Rejection From Carlsberg

Allardyce is branching out in all directions! He has a role in a film and is now featuring in a Budweiser ad. However, Doctor Evil's hopes of fronting a Carlsberg advertising campaign were frustrated when the proposed slogan of "If Carlsberg did football tactics...they would be nothing like this!" was considered a non starter!


Travelling Hammer said...

Great picture!!

el martillo said...

LOL. You can't help yourself can you, however subtle your "correction" may be! It appears that both versions are acceptable, although yours is possibly the original it is a northern expression so shouldn't we as southern gentlemen use the curruption as a matter of principle? You're not entirely wrong on this one, but then your not write either.

Our Scottish brethren use the phrase "fur coat and nae knickers" to suggest something that is all show and no substance, but I've always found that to be a rather alluring combination and couldn't possibly use it as a criticism. Sorry to put this in the wrong thread but my words are sensitive creatures and I didn't want to expose them to the vitriol of the R's fans.

el martillo said...


West Ham issued a statement today confirming that they will seek Government help to have Piquionne and Faubert removed from the club. An official said: “We brought them in to give us a lift and enhance our chances of scoring, but they are clearly of inferior quality and are now causing irritation and discomfort in the changing room”.

Following a leak yesterday, the club felt they needed to make a clean breast of their intentions, however, a spokesman for the Department of Health said; “it is unlikely we will be able to entertain West Ham’s request as the general consensus of opinion seems to be that Piquionne and Faubert are in fact a genuine pair of tits.

Following these problems the club have confirmed that they will not be following up interest in the French striker de Colletage.

USA Dave said...

Not related.

I enjoyed reading this.

Hammersfan said...

LOL Very good Marty!

And isn't it just Travelling! Now THAT is a thing of beauty!

el martillo said...

Ha! Not good enough for a picture though; even though we'll all be up for the cup tomorrow. I know; it was my failure to include a strap wasn't it?