Thursday, 5 January 2012

QPR's Crisis Deepens

Dear God, Bolton have won at Everton! They now sit just one point below QPR who, with just one point from 21, must surely sit rock bottom of the "Current Form" table.

Barton's appeal against his red card has, meanwhile, been treated with contempt by the FA. Any money they now look at his tweets and consider a disrepute charge. It would basically suit the powers that be to drive him out of English football. He has a love affair with PSG apparently and there's not many in England who would be sad to see him don a beret, string some onions round his neck and peddle himself over to Paris - for good!

Meanwhile, Pardew's Newcastle have pounded Man Utd 3-0! Incredible. Fergie's boys have now conceded six in two games. With Man City up next, it could be 12 in three!


Anonymous said...

nob jockey

Hammersfan said...

I know he is, but he is your manager! For now!

Qpr mark said...

Hf,were you abused as a child?????

Anonymous said...

tom writes

Hf your gonna love this!!! Not that you like gloating or anything!!

Hammersfan said...

Not something to jest about Mark.