Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Leicester back in the reckoning! Southampton so unlucky!

It was not only the Claret & Blue clad Crystal Palace fans who shuddered a little when Leicester won that game in South London. Suddenly a whole host of clubs started looking anxiously over the shoulder, fearful that the Foxes might abandon feeding off scraps from the Championship bins and start a charge for promotion.

Our buffer is 12 points, and that is a hell of a gap to make up in half a season providing we maintain our impetus, but I would have money on Leicester to feature in the play offs now - and who would want to meet them in a dust up on the doorstep of the Prem? If we finished third, I wouldn't pick them as opponents!

Meanwhile anybody just looking at their score in the game against Brighton might imagine that the Saints were thumped - but far from it. God knows how they weren't at least two goals to the good before the sending off. Watch the highlights on the BBC - Southampton played more football in the first half than we managed in the whole of December! Mind you, they caved in once Lambert was dismissed, just as we did when we lost O'Brien at Reading.

So, the battleground is taking shape. How will the loss of Lambert hurt Southampton? Can Leicester now put together the expected winning run? And can we hold our form? The FA Cup is an annoying distraction because the next round of fixtures could tell us a lot. We have the toughest game away to Pompey, Leicester should be too strong for Barnsley, Southampton will be wary at Forest after their weekend victory and long overdue goals whilst Miserableboro will expect to beat Burnley. Still, perhaps Ilunga can help Donny to beat Cardiff! But hang on, he helped Cardiff to beat us!


Anonymous said...

As a Leicester fan I can assure you we will not catch the top two. Even play offs are still a far cry the way results have been going in recent times.

We'll keep on dreaming though.

John J - Ripon said...

Can we hold 'what' form?

This is amazingly positive (or at least, 'un-negative' - if that's a word). Are you OK? What is it you're drinking, cos strangley, your glass is about half way from top to bottom, rather than the usual half empty.

Anyway, hope you are OK, as I enjoy reading your posts, especially your objective and helpful criticism of QPR. I hope Neil Warnock's taking them seriously.

Hammersfan said...

New Year John, and a 100% winning return for 2012!

TurdsOut! said...

Jamie Vardy to West Ham in Seven figure deal. Remember where you heard it first.

Hammersfan said...

Interesting. Goal scoring winger is what we need. Seven figures? Is that £10,000.10?

TurdsOut! said...


Rob said...


I'd echo what 'anonymous' amd @john J Ripon' say:


LCFC (and you know I'm a Leicester man) are much too far away from the top 2. Don't just look at the points total - look at goal differences. The ones with the big goal differences will always be at the top. Three into two...


I always read your posts with a combination of interest, amusement, annoyance, disdain and a knowing smile in equal quantity (in the nicest possible way). What's happened to you? You've suddenly become optimistic and happy...?!?! Surely that's not the way to be? It's the hope that kills you...

Good luck my man