Tuesday, 3 January 2012

QPR's nasty stink in the Bush!

Bradley Johnson uses World Darts Final to taunt Joey Barton over sending off in QPR's defeat to Norwich City
You have to laugh. Norwich's Bradley Johnson has had a pop at Joey Barton, but has clearly been told how to spell breath and been obliged to make a correction - check out the A which has obviously been changed from a T.

But never mind Barton's "breth", there's a nasty stink in the Bush in general after the last 7 games have produced just one paltry point. It is now one win in ten home games - and that smells, sorry spells disaster; or dister in Norwich!

Still, if there is an unpleasant stink in the Bush, you can always freshen things up by going Brazilian - and Warnock is apparently on the trail of Alex. At £2m, he looks an absolute snip. He's worth that for his free kicks alone! A deal for the Rs fans to wax lyrical about if Fernandes is willing to fund the Brazilian's sky high wages.

But will any signings save QPR when the world and his wife are out to get them? Warnock has reverted to type, blaming everybody except himself for the mess. Johnson conned the officials this time apparently. That's as maybe, but if Barton puts his forehead against the face of an opponent, what does he expect? He put his neck into the Hoop so to speak. He may be innocent this time but why was he getting involved in the first place? The red card was coming. You sign Barton and you know what you are going to get - sooner or later.

All is not lost for QPR. Blackburn and Bolton seem determined to go down and Wigan and Wolves look poor. If Piquionne is the answer for Wolves then it must be a pretty stupid question. He could make it three relegations in a row! So my money is still on QPR to stay up. But then my money was on Birmingham to survive last season and, coincidentally, they have dodgy Asian owners, just like Blackburn and Rangers.

Time for Tony to show us the colour of his money. Twenty million? Yes 20 million Ringgit, which exchanges at approximately five to the pound!


PM24 said...

Barton deserved to be sent off, it's karma. I seem to remember him jumping on the floor and rolling round like he had been shot when gervinho raised his hand to him at the start of the season. Johnson seems just as thick though, holding that sign up is not the most grown up thing you will ever see a footballer do. I feel QPR will struggle to attract decent players following this bad run of 1 *paltry point from 7 games, that is unless Fernandes offers silly wages?

Anonymous said...

I really dont get what your massive hard on for pissing off QPR fans is

The fact that you write so many articles in such derogatory fashion is guaranteed to piss people off.

However, dont you think its more worth your while concentrating on your own team rather then piss off other fans???

Do you care to enlighten us at all as to why you seem SO obsessed with QPR??

Also one final point, all this talk of Fernandez's millions he has promised to spend, why dont you show us one time he said he would spend £20m on players in january. I can guarentee you wont find it anywhere, because all that talk of £20m is newspaper rubbish. The difference is, he is willing to spend a hell of alot more the Briatorie

Hammersfan said...

I don't make the news, QPR do. I simply respond!

spyinthesky said...

Fernandes says so much, so often its difficult to know what he intends to spend. When you mouth is bigger than even Harry Redknapp's then you get all the criticism you deserve Im afraid. A little less mouth and more action would be wise or QPR will soon have a clown for an owner as well as a manager.

Anonymous said...

R's fan in peace. not sure why you keep talking about us but whatever. see i never was talking about mid table or any of those fantasies just 17th maybe 16th will do me fine. you must admit that the incident was disgracefully refereed, in fact the whole match was. but t's true it's karma. i think we'll stay up and be playing the hammers next year. P.S i know you dislike warnock like the rest off the world but lay off fernandes. he's done exactly what he said he was gonna do. he spent money in the first window. the daily mail made up that 20 million figure. he'll spend a bit now. and a new stadium is on the way like he said. we have better owners than west ham it's just a fact.

Anonymous said...

Barton is a turd.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 03:35 VERY INTELLIGENT comment. DICKHEAD!

dentheranger said...

'We got our rangers back' Thanks to Tony Fernandes and co. You cant compare them to the blackburn or birmingham owners.We are happy with
what we have.Our owners listen and talk with the fans,although some people see this as having 'a big mouth!' I expect them to back the talk this month.I agree with you on most things HF but not on TF being a conman,although he does like the limelight!