Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Hope

Well 2011 ended just as you would have expected it to end - miserably. December really was a terrible month, stripped of all seasonal cheer - except for Nolan and Faubert who successfully negotiated their day off with their bookings at Birmingham.

2011 really was a terrible, terrible year. Apart from our exploits in the League Cup and a couple of vibrant performances at the start of this campaign, it has been misery all the way. Under Grant we couldn't win, and under Allardyce we couldn't play! The club's soul was sold when the Icelandic connection was made, but at least we still had our dreams. The arrival of Doctor Evil confirmed that Satan has taken proud ownership of the Academy of Football.

But when you do a deal with the Devil, you do at least expect something back in return, some sort of short term gain. Despite our miserable form and miserable results in December, we still sit in third place in the table, just one point behind Miserableboro themselves and three points shy of leaders Southampton. Boro couldn't even shaft a pantless Posh at home, which says it all, and Southampton are faltering. And the rest of the teams in the division are rank ordinary!

We haven't sold Tomkins yet. Baldock looks promising. Sullivan has said we will spend. Taylor may get fit one day. Reid is on the way back. Green looks better in the Championship. Add two or three players with pace and who knows, we may look half decent. We will know it's going to be a good year if Wolves take Piquionne off our hands!

And today we play Coventry at home. Win that and we will nearly be on course for Allardyce's 2 point a game target!

So cheer up everybody. We will see each other in Hell sooner or later for supporting Doctor Evil's Legion of Devils, but we may yet be smiling come May.

Mind you, if we stumble today...


Bigga! said...

Bravo HF! that is the most negative post ever!

Not that you'll be interested but you might want to look in to the relationship between depressive symptoms and mortality, apparently miserable, pessimistic old gits die much earlier.

Happy New Year!


Hammersfan said...

Depressive? That's upbeat! Unless we stumble today!

Hammersfan said...

And I'd imagine that depressive miserable old gits want to die early!

Deane said...

as a West Ham supporter why would I want to live longer?
not as if I can look forward to any great football