Monday, 2 January 2012

QPR fans forming queue to consult sage

Excuse me for a moment whilst I pull up my post on New Years Eve. Now what did I write exactly? Hang on, the headline was "QPR now desperate for a win on Monday" and the final paragraph read,

"Norwich will now know that defeat at Loftus Road could be disastrous. All the promoted clubs would do well to remember Blackpool, as I have been warning all season - much to the chagrin of the gRs. Well the table doesn't lie and, as I warned, if you don't win your home games in the Prem, you will struggle. It is shit or bust on Monday now for Warnock's boys. And I fancy that increasing desperation will see QPR slip to a 2-1 home defeat."

Now that wasn't a bad call was it? And my prediction that QPR would struggle to avoid relegation is looking pretty spot on too, isn't it?

But how have Rangers fans reacted to my posts? Well I have been abused and told that I know nothing about the game. According to the Rangers fans, there was no way the team was going to struggle with players like Barton, Wright-Phillips, D J Campbell and Luke Young, even though all four have already been relegated with previous clubs. With Money Bags Fernandes, backed by Big Money Bags Mittal, QPR could only go in one direction apparently. Hmmm.

Hang on, let's dig up another post made back in October entitled, "QPR teetering on the edge of the Premiership abyss". The last two paragraphs read:

"The bottom of the Premiership is closing up concertina fashion and QPR are going to have to play out of their skins over the next month to avoid being in the bottom three come the start of December. With unrest in the camp courtesy of Barton's comments about Adel Taarabt, things could start to fall apart big time as the pressure mounts.

Unless, of course, Warnock's Rangers shock us all by beating Chelsea tomorrow. Wright-Phillips has something to prove, doesn't he?"

How about that for a prediction? Take off the 3 points QPR secured against 9 man Chelsea, and where would the Rs be? In the bottom three!

Now, where do QPR go from here? Tell me, who will fancy joining the Hoops after collecting just one point from the last 21? Wayne Bridge might like a run out in the Prem again. Macheda aint all that, as Rangers fans will now discover. Defoe? Not a chance! Zamora? Would you fancy joint top of the Championship or fourth from bottom of the Prem? QPR are now in the Catch 22 that we found ourselves in: rubbish attracts rubbish, and quality steers clear of a crisis club.

Still, when we went down, we had Grant in charge and he was relegated with the previous club he had managed in the Prem, whereas QPR have Warnock...who was relegated with the previous club he had managed in the Prem! But QPR have Gabbidon - also relegated - and Kenny also relegated - and Wright-Phillips, and DJ Campbell and Luke Young and Barton - when he isn't suspended - all relegated too of course!

Still, cheer up all you gRs, you're far too good to go down, as you've repeatedly told me, and Fernandes is about to open his transfer war chest. Look at the first signing - a player on loan! But that means you still have £20m to spend doesn't it? Yeah right!

Expect talk of the shiny new stadium within the next 48 hours!


qprmad said...


Anonymous said...

Why don’t you fcuk off and support your own team you stupid cnut.

Hammersfan said...

Guys, I can't change all your posts. If you want to abuse me for being right, please do not use the F or C word as I can't then publish. So what do you achieve exactly?

I have amended the above two to show you how! Mind you, it's a poor response isn't it? So, I have been right all along, why abuse me for that? Perhaps if you had listened to me instead of to Fernandes, you might feel less pig sick at the moment? Always best to go in with your eyes wide open IMO.

Anonymous said...

When did wright-phillips get relegated HF?

Hammersfan said...

With Man City mate.

Anonymous said...

you have nothing to write about your own shite so you go back to qpr lol. You really are a sad neanderthal .

Anonymous said...

Great post, mate.

Not even a Hammers fan, but this blog is class.

Hammersfan said...


John said...

The truth always hurts as they say

Anonymous said...

I am a qpr fan and will agree with a lot of what you say we are in a fight and it doesn't look good but I just don't understand why you seem to want to look at our predicament so much

We need a massive improvement will we get it I don't know I would hope so but that's football and why I support qpr not a big club but a good club

Of course you will get people in here having a go at you the same would happen if I was to have a go at your team

All I can say is that I know come the end of the season myself and the few as you keep on telling us about our supporters will still be cheering the lads on as

To look at our predicament only 5 seasons ago till now is fantastic and whatever happens we are still on the up as a club

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this be entitled 'QPR fans queue up to call HF a cnut?' Cos I don't see many of them asking for your opinions do you? You're no sage- more of an an onion.

It's as if you think that R's fans thought that Premiership life would be easy and you were the only one to predict they'd struggle.

So by being constantly provocative towards them you've asked for the treatment you get get. Why wind up QPR? Its Millwall and Spurs we can't stand, yet now that even you can't argue with Parker's form you don't say much if anything about either side.

And QPR fans- good luck- I hope you stay up. And please don't take HF as a typical Irons fan cos he really isn't.

Anonymous said...

Well that has shut you up hasn't it, getting some from one of your own. Nobody likes you so why bother?

Hammersfan said...

LOL "my own" give me far more stick than you gRs. You guys are too nice!

dentheranger said...

Warnock stated that the next ten games will determine our premier lge future.Game one,which you correctly predicted[well done HF} has been lost,but lets see what happens over the remaining nine before you condemn us to relegation fodder.We have played well enough for me to remain optimistic and with a change
of luck we can definitely get a few wins and start to move up.Looks like transfers are likely and Tony and the boys will cough up!Hopefully we will play you in the prem after all!

Hammersfan said...

I expect you to stay up too Den!

Anonymous said...

We had a manager who said "judge me after 15 games" and look what happened to us, however much you disagree HF is probably right.