Monday, 2 April 2012

After Reading, Princess Brady condemns us to another Year of Allardyce - Or has she?

Interesting. According to Princess Brady, Allardyce's job is safe, irrespective of whether or not we go up. Well that's settled then isn't it? Or is it?

According to Sullivan & Gold's product tester, Doctor Evil has an excellent relationship with the Gobby One, who is backing his man right the way down the line. But significantly, Brady did not offer her personal endorsement, nor that of Gold.

So, the ringing vote of confidence is perhaps not as ringing as it at first appears. And, of course, the club has been stung by a constructive dismissal claim before so know to be careful. Time will tell.


Clez said...

But we are stuck with him anyway HF - as we are going up! sorry, went totally tonto for a second and got overcome with optimism

spyinthesky said...

Yeah I knew that those bloody 2 teams that got relegated with us with considerably more points would do sooo much better than us this season and play great football in so doing... oh hang on a minute back to reality.

Stani said...

Isn't it worth mor£ going up via the playoffs? I'm not suggesting anything

Anonymous said...

bingo! Stani! 23:23 it's a sign!

B4V4R14N_H4MM3R said...

@ Stani - nope not really.
It seems the most winning playoff finalist gives all the takings to the loser.

Whugo said...

Wishful thinking HF.

DG has said on twitter that sacking BS has not even been considered.

BS will be given the chance to finish the job of getting promotion and that is still a real possibility. If he succeeds will they replace him? I doubt it and that would be harsh. He will be seen as a safe pair of hands to plan for premier league survival.
If he fails, I don't know, but maybe he will be given another chance barring any untoward circumstances. Expect another season of "hoof".

Anyway what are the alternatives? DS has said that Di Canio may be considered in the longer term but not yet. Steve Bruce is looking for a job and is well known to DS/DG through their time at Birmingham. He would be the bookies favourite. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Two big games against Barnsley and Birmingham over Easter. 6 points and the table might start to look different. Reading and Southampton have to play each other so points will be dropped there. Keep the faith.

fred149 said...

Honestly i would take another year of this just to keep tomkins, green and Noble. And Nolan might be better in the prem. Stani you are correct in fact i heard playoffs give you a considerable amount more money. We have a chance in the playoffs if we play blackpool in the final and scrape through the semi final

Stani said...

I don't think we have the mental strength to win the playoffs anyway. The teams that will be up against us will be smarter, mentally stronger and more united. Pam still doesn't know his best team. I think Blackpool would beat us in a big occasion match Fred. They have goalscorers and also exciting creative players in Ince and Philips. We have mentally tortured souls that have nightmares about their own manager.

fred149 said...

Im not going to one more match why bfs is at the club and if we move to the olympic stadiumthen i will probably never go to another match again. I refuse to go watch west ham with a running track round it playing hoof ball under bfs all because sugo and brady. I wish fernandes had not been so stupid and tried buying the rest of the club from the banks as its s;ices some of our debts away. and we would have more money to spend and more ideas and no Olympic stadium