Monday, 16 April 2012

Tottenham's Parker Back In West Ham Groove

Three, count them, three Cocky Fools told me today that, despite the 5-1 thumping, Scotty Parker was the best player on the pitch yesterday! Interesting. As the holding midfielder his first job is to protect his back four and Spurs shipped five (and wasn't the second goal a beauty?), yet Parker was still Man of the Match apparently. I thought he had left all that behind at West Ham!

The truth of the matter is that this is what Scotty specialises in. When the team is shit, he runs around a lot, rolls up his sleeves, gets stuck in, wears his heart on his sleeve, gives 110% etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It looks great but how effective is it?

Well what was the final score exactly?

God help us in the European Championships if Parker is ever England's Man of the Match!

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darrenharry said...

I the side collectively have faltered ever since 'Arry's name has been linked to the England job. Bale, Modric and VDV have been conspicuous by their absence too. This alongside a (recently) resurgent Arsenal and Chelsea have put pressure on them for 4th that they were not expecting. I agree Parker looked like a headless chicken in the latter stages, but thats also an endearing quality. I would imagine lots of Spurs fans would have appreciated his 100% to the end, rather than the lassiez faire attitude of others. I beleive his in the season end nominations for team of the year again no?