Saturday, 14 April 2012

West Ham 6 Brighton 0 - The Bloody Seagull Round Our Neck Is Dead!

At long, long last the albatross has dropped from our neck! I admit to being dubious about the team before the start but for once I was wrong. Vaz Te played up top and looked a class apart. The first goal had a slice of luck but RVT deserved that luck because his shot was struck with such power. His second was a good finish, nodding in at the back post. And his third was out of this world, a lovely scissor kick finish as Lansbury called for a penalty and Brighton players stood around like concrete bollards.

Six nil! This was exactly what we needed. Suddenly the goal difference with Southampton closes. Suddenly confidence is surging through the veins of the team in Claret & Blue. Suddenly the Saints are looking anxiously over their shoulders, wondering could it yet all go terribly wrong. Tuesday is now massive. Obviously we need to win at Bristol City but the bigger game for us all is at Peterbrorough. If the Posh could slay the Saints, well anything could yet be possible!

At last today we looked a more than decent team. True we were vulnerable at set pieces in the first half, but we bossed the second 45 completely and Nolan really should have added a seventh, or stepped aside and allowed Carew to put the ball in an empty net. Lansbury will presumably be credited with the fifth after a wicked deflection on Cole's shot and the sixth was an outrageous own goal. Brighton were crap but so what? You can only beat what is put in front of you and we didn't just beat them, we hammered them.

Before we kicked off, I mockingly nominated Carew, Collison and Collins as the subs to be used, and even they couldn't stand between Allardyce and a thumping victory. Have we found a team and shape that works at long, long, long last? Vaz Te is the key; play him up top and you can even accommodate Maynard in the side in place of Cole. And the rule of the ex cries out for Maynard to start against Bristol City!

It all clicked today and Lady Luck gave us a private lap dance into the bargain. Now three more wins and who knows? Peterborough shipped four today but are a different team at home and Middlesbrough need to beat Southampton to make it into the playoffs. Who knows, even Coventry might present Southampton with problems if it is a must win game on the final day of the season. It's still a long shot, but Vaz Te is good at those!

Let's borrow a quote from David Beckham. Cum On You Posh!


USA Dave said...

I think the Saints will wobble, but Im still unconvinced of our ability to take advantage. The biggest positive here is that if we can play like we did today a bit more than not, Id give us a good chance in the playoffs.

B4V4R14N_H4MM3R said...

the closing paragraph just made my day.

Yesterday the playoffs looked quite certain, but after that great performance everything is possible now. COYI! Keep the momentum going!

Anonymous said...

All ifs and buts, we dont look behind us only forward. Three games left, one game at a time. Control our own destination and you can blow bubbles all day long. Good luck, hedge end bob

Clez said...

It's always the bloody same with us is'nt it? you get your head used to finishing in a play-off place and the buggers go and play like that! As Basil Fawlty said - it's the hope that kills you!

Anonymous said...

Anny-mouse says,

Oh dear HF- I've been away for a few days so have just been looking back at your previous posts. What a miserable, pessimistic mess they are- good to see others give you the kicking you thoroughly deserve.

I told you after the Brum game that the second half performance gave us cause for hope and you went apoplectic at my optimism. Now if this post is to be believed you're coming around to my point of view.

You are a grade one knicker wetter- your stuff before the game today is hilariously ridiculous - I honestly don't think you have much feel for the game or my club. It's just as well we have a capable (oh yes he is) experienced manager who has a hundred times the knowledge of the game that you have HF.

And as for you saying you got it wrong for once- I hope you managed to say that without blushing. Great to see that you've finally got with the programme and realised that RVT is the 'key' as you called him. I said that to you weeks ago and you pooh pooed what I said in your typical "I am HF and I know everything' kind of way.

All in all your performance is poor and getting poorer HF so may I be the first to say 'sack the blogger, sack the blogger, sack the blogger'.

Hammersfan said...

LOL Anony-mouse, we all know you were in hiding because you had given up hope and dare not admit it. I said that we should be able to cope without Vaz Te, and we should be able to! One dead seagull doesn't a season make so let's not get carried away. Reading are where we should be, with an inferior team and squad. THAT is the effect of a good manager! But why do you want to pick an argument today you miserable sod? Can't we all be happy together after a 6-0 victory?

AJ said...

20:03 happy? you're not happy! you don't know how to do happy with any conviction, we all know you for the yellow livered fraud that you are!

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed this post till the final line. Anony-mouse, i love your posts, keep up the good work.

Bogota Gaz

WHU 98 said...

The west ham we saw today was the west ham way playing players in position

I personally think the west ham way is playing football, to me playing football is playing it on the floor, I'm not asking for 40 passes before we get out our own half I'm asking for uncomplicated passing, dominant midfield, solid defence and an attack containing Vaz Te, Maynard/Baldock

Anonymous said...


As usual you want it both ways- you tell me I gave up but you won't find any quote from me that shows that and you have constantly displayed irritation at my glass half full attitude.

All I've done is that unlike you I've remained constant in what I've been saying which is basically that this is not the easy league you claim it is, we do not have a god given right to beat everyone else in this league and Allardyce has done a decent job given the sh*te situation he inherited from your man Grant.

I don't need you to tell me that one game does not make a season- I have perspective so understand that. I'm not saying we'll go up- just that we've got a quarter of a chance of going up automatically and as good a chance as anyone if it comes to the play-offs.

Anyway let me predict what happens next with your blog. We've won so you can't heap a pile of sh*t on my club for a while. You can't do a job on Dalglish tonight (doubly annoying for you) so you'll take out your frustrations on poor old QPR.


Hammersfan said...

Oops, edgy irritation there anony-mouse. Don't like being found out perhaps? Your prediction re the QPR thread was a bit late wasn't it? Cheer up! We won 6-0 tonight! Some of us backed the National winner too! Some of us watched the 6-0 victory whilst listening to the National! Some of us are slightly pissed tonight! Have a drink and be happy for once!

Anonymous said...

22:21 we doff our hat to you as always!

Anonymous said...

22:48 do you realise what a complete and utter idiot you sound by asking people to be happy? You, of all people? Mr Fcuking Happy himself!

Hammersfan said...

LOL Cheer up mate, you saw the joke but forgot to laugh!

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