Monday, 30 April 2012

Tottenham Stuck With Redknapp

Hilarious, absolutely hilarious! When everybody thought England wanted Redknapp, the Cocky Fools were desperate to keep him. Now that England don't want him, they are lining up to moan that 'Arry has taken them as far as he can and a new man is needed. They were taking Jose and Capello and Hiddink. Instead they are stuck with 'Arry.

Unless Levy sacks him of course and leaves Bagpuss without a job.

So why didn't 'Arry get the England job? Surely it's obvious. The guy claims he can't reed and rite proper like so how could he submit an application?


Sav said...

Good one HF! I always said the Spurs and Harry deserve each other. Sooner or later he will take them down or into administration, or both!

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

The job is going to a guy who has integrity and is tactically adroit- things that can't easily be associated with Redknapp. Fantastic that the scum are going to be stuck with him.

Now I'm sure that Sir Trev is far too professional to seek revenge on behalf of Billy Bonds, but I so hope I'm wrong. I love the idea that Trev and Bill are sat together somewhere having a nice whisky and a good old chuckle knowing that the man who shafted the guy who was supposed to be a good mate has finally got the comeuppance he so richly deserves.

And good luck to Roy if he takes the job- he was the only decent human being in the running for it.