Sunday, 22 April 2012

Liverpool Lose Again As Woy Wobs Kenny

Hilarious! Woy Hodgson's West Bwom win at Anfield for the first time in 45 years and Liverpool's faces are redder than their shirts yet again! This is Anfield? This is Points for the Taking more like!

How humiliating. The Liverpool fans didn't want to know Hodgson because he had replaced President Rafa and blocked the re-ascension of King Kenny, completely overlooking the fact that the guy was once wanted by Germany as national team manager. Well Liverpool are now level on points with Woy's former club Fulham and just one point ahead of Woy's Baggies, with Swansea just three points in arrears!

Keep polishing the piss pots Kenny, the Premiership title and Champions League are a million miles away despite all the money spent.


Anonymous said...

Taking the piss out of someone's speech impediment? Wow, new low. Congrats.

Emytex said...

So liverpool are now mid-table club???

Anonymous said...

@emytex they are 8th so yes thats mid table I would say.

@00.09 Everyone has a laugh at that, get a sense of humour

Keep up the good work HF


Deane said...

the red shite are umm shite