Thursday, 12 April 2012

Official Site In Propaganda Overdrive Defending Long Ball Tactics

They do take us for a bunch of brainless twats don't they? Check out "The Big Interview" with captain Kev and have a sick bag at the ready. Dear God, I had the funny idea that we have relinquished automatic promotion in recent weeks courtesy of Allardyce's inept team selections and tactics, but apparently I am completely wrong.

According to the unnamed questioner, Captain Kev has "hit some good form at the right time"! Well fcuk me! Great form! With Captain Kev leading the charge over the last 14 games, we have barely collected enough points per game to qualify for 6th place if averaged out over a 46 game season! Brilliant! Kevin is "delighted" apparently. Well I'm chuffed that he is delighted! Perhaps he fancies another season in the Championship as he might have to strip fitter and leaner should we return to the Prem!

Best of all is the defence of "direct football". The questioner - Allardyce perhaps? - sets it all up with the very direct, "The team played more directly in the second half didn't they?" and Captain Kev responds from the prepared script: "in the first half we should have tried a few more long balls to open the game up" and "it was disappointing that we didn't see it and didn't realise earlier that we were playing balls we really shouldn't have been playing".

So that's it then, the Allardyce mantra to a T. Knock it long. Lump it. Play it short and you let the opposition score. So don't fcuk about. Hit it deep, hit it long, hit it high...and charge!

Another nail in the Academy of Football! But the Allardyce supporters don't care about that do they? Never mind that the only tactic he knows can't buy a win at home for love nor money. Allardyce knows best doesn't he?


Anonymous said...

He is too fat to run around, crap at NUFC, and has the same agent as the manager, hence the 5 year deal. Uselesss and he knows he is.

T.I.S said...

Why always the turn on the fans HF? Not a criticism, just a question. I can't help but support whatever the manager and team do no matter how frustrating it is. I guess I have a quicker turnover time for forgiveness and forgetfulness than some.

Hammersfan said...

Not all the fans TIS. Remember, according to Allardyce, a great chunk of the fans - those opposed to his brand of football - talk bollocks! As you know, there is a split amongst the fans who visit this site, with some supporting Allardyce come what may, and those opposed to him. That split was inevitable from the moment he was appointed but the divide has now widened. The Allardyce backers have lost the only justification they had - Allardyce is not the winner they all claimed him to be - and yet, typically, have remained entrenched in their support for the man, in large part because to change horses in mid race would make them look stupid.

I offered support to Grant last season - becuase of the mess he inherited from Zola, Nani and Duxbury, but when he ballsed up, I said so in no uncertain terms. Similarly, when Zola got it right, not often, I credited him, as I have done with Allardyce this year. What I don't get, and never have, is the blind, entrenched positions taken by many - the Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil Three Monkeys Brigade as I used to term them. Well with Allardyce at the club, Evil is in our midst, but stillsome refuse to see it. And incredibly, the most absurd revisionism takes place.

So now, many are claiming third place is a fantastic achievement! We are being asked to remember back to previous campaigns in the Second Division. We are being told it takes time. Excuses are made to explain why Southampton and Reading SHOULD be above us in the table - and this is from the very same people who, until mid February, were justifying everything Allardyce did by saying "Look at the table, the table doesn't lie!"

This is turning into a thread! I dislike stupidity. I dislike blind faith. I dislike the herd mentality. I dislike thought control. Everybody is welcome to have his say on this site; but I will stand up for the values and heritage of our club and I will call a spade a spade, rather than pretending it is all hearts!

Deane said...

Hear hear well said HF