Monday, 9 April 2012

Mega Monday for West Ham, Southampton and Birmingham. Reading Sit and Sweat!

So this is it then! Third plays fourth whilst the Saints face a tricky away game at Palace. If Claret & Blue triumphs in both games, it really is game on; if our home hoodoo continues and Southampton thump Palace, we can just about forget dreams of automatic promotion.

Allardyce faces a selection dilemma despite the thumping of Barnsley. Cole scored against Birmingham at St Andrews, remember, and netted against them in the League Cup semifinal last season. Horses for courses, or does Allardyce stick with Maynard?

Meanwhile, there is the terrible Zigic factor. We can't play the guy and Nolan seemed to understand that when he raked the Birmingham man shortly after he took to the field in the corresponding fixture in Birmingham. If Faye isn't there, Tomkins and Reid will have their work cut out. But Demmel at right back will help. That's four big men at the back, frustrating Zigic's tactic of pulling onto the back post to be marked by a smaller man. Diop may even start too, in place of O'Neil, to deal with the beanpole when he drops deeper for crosses.

Unlike Barnsley, Birmingham are in good form so this is a huge test! Meanwhile Southampton travel to a badly out of form Palace. It doesn't bode well does it? But should Palace win and Brighton do us a favour tomorrow and we beat Birmingham...we will all be Happy Hammers!


Neil Talbot said...

I don't think I can ever remember a more competitive league. When Hughton said earlier this season that he thought the championship was the most difficult league in the world he wasn't wrong. West Ham Birmingham games have always had an edge. From the hooligan blighted days of the 70's and 80's to the semi final last year. The games have always carried that bit extra. This time, I fear, that regardless of the result both teams will end up in the play offs. The target for my team is to finish 4th and avoid the strongest squad in the division until the play off final. Your target is to find some momentum from somewhere so that you can avoid another semi final heartache. My money is on, come may, a reunion at Wembley. The winner of that? Well that could depend on Zigic!

Emlyn said...

What's going on HF. Two posts now, with upbeat intentions. Quite freshing.

Hammersfan said...

Sorry Neil but I take issue with you. It is a crap league full of crap teams I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

Of you mugs think the championship is stronger this year than last year your on drugs you twats

Anonymous said...

I said it on august west ham in the play offs sorry boys but Blackpool will go up in the play offs again there finding form at the right time