Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Southampton Want Stoke's Upson - A Season Too Late!

So the Saints want Matty Upson. Shame they have waited until now. We could have done with Upson transferring his can't be arsed commitment to the Southampton cause at the beginning of this season, rather than in readiness for Southampton's assault on the bottom six of the Prem next season!

As for Upson himself, one is tempted to gloat. Things haven't quite worked out for our former "skipper". There's no doubt that he was hoping to find a bigger club than Stoke when he jumped our sinking ship, but he has struggled to make his mark in Pulis's team of pugilists. I guess Upson is just too "take it or leave it" for the all aggro Stoke boss.

Shame. I'm sure we all wish Matty the very best for the future. He served our club indifferently whilst helping himself to a lifestyle that he could only dream of before Turds, Eggert and Duxbury paid him a King's ransom to switch to West Ham. Yet another of Curbishley's follies; the Saints are welcome to him!


Anonymous said...

Assault on the bottom 6,you lot might not even get there yourselves,and serve you right it will.Deluded Hammer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Yoda commenting it is.

Anonymous said...

Why would we want your cast off, LOL poor deluded West Ham.