Saturday, 21 April 2012

Blackpool Begin Premiership Charge and West Ham May Get Birmingham!

Ouch. The Tangerine Dreamers hit form today, with a vengeance. The four goal thumping of Burnley put down a real marker, at a very opportune time. Of course, the victory may be good news for us in the short run in so far as it makes a Birmingham v Blackpool semifinal increasingly likely, leaving us (or Southampton for now) with Cardiff or Middlesborough.

Mind you, if Birmingham were to draw or lose against Reading next week and Cardiff win at Palace, two very real possibilities, we could find ourselves with the nightmare prospect of playing Birmingham over two legs. THAT is the ultimate nightmare with Zigic in their ranks!


Anonymous said...

Law of averages say we got to beat Brum at some point? and why not over a 2 leg semi! There form has dipped lately and they must be tired after all the games they have played!
As for Blackpool, What makes you think we will beat them a third time?

Hammersfan said...

A fourth time actually, you seem to have forgotten the 3-1 victory last season.

Bluenose said...

Birminum's form has dipped as we've lost key players. When they're back we'll be back on song.

Bluesbot said...

Our form has dipped ?, you are forgetting that we are now unbeaten in the last 8 games despite injuries to key players and having played more games then anyone else... However we will be soon have players back for the semis and they will be well up for it, and if we meet West Ham - the pressure will be all on you guys