Monday, 23 April 2012

Big Fat Sham Singing In The Last Chance Saloon

So this is it. Anything less than a victory tonight and we are in the playoffs. Anything less than a two goal winning margin and we have to pray for a Coventry win at Southampton or should that end in a draw, an even more improbable winning margin of five goals or more against Hull on the last day of the season.

Of course, even if we win both of our remaining games and improve our goal difference by six, we will still need a relegated club to get a result at the ground of the team that has led the table for most of the season. The chances are slim. Very slim. But where there's hope...

What team will Allardyce pick? If he sets up 4-5-1 and we draw 1-1, he should be sacked on the spot. Go 4-4-2 and lose 4-2, fair enough; but adopt a safety first approach and stay down with a whimper, then we should all agree that enough is enough. We are in this mess because of Allardyce's caution, typified by the inept surrender at Bristol City. Had he gone for it in that game, we could be pulling level with Southampton tonight. What a twat!

Second guessing Allardyce's team selection isn't easy, but if it was down to me, I would go with the following team:


Demel, Tomkins, Reid, Taylor

Lansbury, Noble, Nolan, Collison

Cole  Vaz Te

No holding midfielder, straight forward 4-4-2, Taylor bombing forward on the left, Collison pulling inside, Nolan getting forward as often as possible. If we're staying down, let's stay down fighting!


Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

So lets see if I've got this right. If we lose tonight then you won't give him sh*t so long as we play 4 4 2. But if we draw at a decent side using the 4 5 1 formation that has been largely responsible for our BEST EVER away record then you'd sack him just before the play-offs. That would give us ages to get a new manager in, embed them, etc, etc, etc. Genius HF!

Hope Cole is fit, but the media are saying he's a doubt. Don't know if O'Neill is fit but if he is he should be in the team ahead of Jack Collison.

ps- you've got your maths wrong in the first two paragraphs- i'll leave that to you to work out for yourself cos I can't be ars*d to.

Hammersfan said...

Maths right or wrong comes down to how many Southampton score should they draw. We are five goals behind on goal difference and have scored less as things stand, the second measure. So positive net six goals tally needed if we finish level on points with Saints to be sure. I think!

And yes, 4-5-1 and another meek draw and I would sack him. Who cares if we are away, we have to win and win with a two or three goal winning margin to stoke up the pressure on Southampton. If we die in battle fair enough, if we die on the shitter, that's unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Draw 2-2 playoffs for the rubber mallets Blackpool will beat you at Wembley enjoy another year in the championship you bubble blowing twats

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

The maths are confusing HF, and frankly probably just a straw for us to grab at. But our GD is 4 worse than Saints so we need to make up 5 on Saints, or even as low as 4 depending on results (if we end up scoring more goals than Saints come the end of the season, a goal difference equal to them will be enough). This is all too improbable to get carried away, but just about possible enough to cling on to. COYI!.

Stani said...

Why's Lansbury on the bench? Arguably our most dynamic midfielder and a guy playing well. Dropping him will do him a world of good. Joke midfield

gggrrrrrrr said...

Hahaha.....sent with love from every QPR fan youve ever annoyed!!!

Anonymous said...

Think he should be shot on the spot not sacked.... no matter what the score.

Stani said...

That's how you flipping cross a ball. God knows what his first two attempts were

Anonymous said...

19:26 "Maths right or wrong" what kind a slapdash attitude is that? no wonder this country has problems when people can't be arsed if their maths is correct or not. Are you sure you're not a teacher?

pizuking said...

some interesting facts I figured out folliowing our win against Leicester:

- if Southamption win, they get promoted and we're in the playoffs
- if Southampton lose and we win, we get promoted

now this is where it gets interesting...
- if Southampton draw with any result and West Ham win with a 4 goal margin, we are promoted
- if Southampton draw 0-0 and West Ham win with any 3 goal margin (3-0, 4-1, 5-2), we are promoted
- if Southampton draw 1-1, and West Ham win with any 3 goal margin higher than 4-1, we get promoted, if they draw 2-2, and West Ham win with any 3 goal margin higher than 5-2, we get promoted etc etc...

and now for the big one :-)
- if Southampton draw 1-1 and we win 3-0, if Southamption draw 2-2 and we win 4-1 etc etc... the two teams will end with same points gained, same goal avg, same goals scored, same goals conceded. According to the rules: "In the event that two or more teams finish the season equal in all these respects, teams are separated by alphabetical order, unless a promotion, relegation or play-off place is at stake, wherein the teams are separated by a play-off game." (!!!!)

Anonymous said...

if we finish level on everything it will come down to head-to-head meetings this year, which means Southampton will go up as they beat us