Thursday, 5 April 2012

Reading Defeat Unhinges Under Pressure Allardyce

He's lost it hasn't he? The latest rant tells us all we need to know. There's answering your critics and there's losing control of yourself, and Allardyce has lost control. I know football is the working man's game and that East Enders are not exactly slow in coming forward with the odd swear word, but should somebody in a senior position and a high profile role really speak to the press like this?

"'Negativity has been very much in the forefront recently, which is strange because we have lost one in 12,' he told The Sun. 'You get opinions about our results like ‘James Tomkins shouldn’t be playing in midfield because he is a centre-half. You get all that bollocks. What happens is I look at the performance of every player and say to everyone who says that: "You’re talking bollocks."

'He played in that holding role for three games when we had 10 men — so that is how short memories are. That is how much bollocks is talked in football. I don’t listen to that drivel because what bothers me is that James Tomkins plays well.'

Lots of bollocks then Sam! Big bollocks! Total bollocks! Bollocks so big you have to carry them around in a wheel barrow!

The trouble is, we may have lost one in twelve but we have dropped 17 points over those 12 games and won just 19. That's a return of 1.58 points per game which over a 46 game season would see a team finish on 72 points; barely enough to qualify for the play offs. Run the form line back to the unlucky 13th game, a 5-1 hammering at Ipswich, and the points return becomes 1.46 per game or 67 points over a whole season, only enough to finish in 9th or 10th place. Now that is bollocks Sam! A bollocks points return! A bollocks league position! A huge great bollocks up in fact!

So stick that bollocks in your jock strap and smoke it Sam.

There's only one person talking total bollocks in the circumstances, and that's Allardyce!


Anonymous said...

Don't take it so personally !!!!

Hammersfan said...

Don't take OUR football club so personally? Guess you are the new breed of fan.

Anonymous said...

if i were the perpertrator of the antifootball turned out by us this season i would refrain from digging out the people who have to pay to suffer watching it, and pay his wages,cheeky cunt!

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I thought you'd f*cked off to vampire land. I even wished you on ypur way and gave you tips on truncheons -careful Stani :) and good juke boxes.

What are you still doing on your own site you miserable wee man? Mrs HF won't thank me for this but spend some time with her and try to forget about anything else.