Sunday, 15 April 2012

Liverpool Stuck With Dalglish Now!

That's it then. One piss pot in the trophy cabinet and a place in the FA Cup Final. This is a Rafaesque style season. Back in Europe next year too. What a fantastic job Dalglish has done! And who scored the goals yesterday? Carroll and Suarez, bought with the cash generated from the sale of the misfiring Torres! Suddenly Dalglish is a genius. Manager of the Season contender according to the Scousers no doubt.

Until you glance at the Premiership table of course. FA Cup or fourth place in the Prem? Tottenham fans have been debating this topic all week but not Chelsea fans. Chelsea can win the Champions League so, of course, fourth place in the Prem is more important to them than a domestic chamber pot; it's only clubs like Spurs who don't stand a chance of progressing beyond the first round knock out stage that have the dilemma. And, of course, Liverpool are now in that bracket!

Yes another day out at Wembley is lovely. Yes Liverpool knocked out their city rivals. Yes the FA Cup is a cut above the Carling Piss Pot. But look at the Prem. THIRTEEN points behind Newcastle in fifth. THIRTY THREE points behind hated rivals Man Utd. Just FOUR points above Stoke in FOURTEENTH place and Woy's West Bwom!

Polish those cups guys until you can see your red faces in the reflection!


Anonymous said...

I'd like West Ham to have had Liverpool's season. Two cup finals with one already in the cabinet would do many of us just fine. So what if we were 30 points behind a rival - I'd take it please.

You are the 'deluded' that Big Sam was moaning about.

Hammersfan said...

LOL No YOU are deluded! Some of us realise that Liverpool's potential is far, far greater than West Ham's!

Anonymous said...

Toon fan

This is probably my favourite blog outside of Toon blogs. I would say I hope you get promoted, but after what Hughton did for us...