Thursday, 19 April 2012

Birmingham the favourites in the play offs?

It's an uncomfortable feeling, but if we are honest, Birmingham have to be the favourites to win through in the playoffs. Their form since the beginning of December has been better than ours and they seem to have the Indian Sign on us. We have failed to beat them in two games this season - and we were lucky to claw back to 3-3 at the Boleyn - and last season they dumped us out of the League Cup and began our final death spiral to relegation with the victory at Upton Park.

We should avoid them in the semifinal, thank God, but in the event of the semifinals going to form - or according to league places at least - Birmingham would arrive at Wembley with very happy memories of their last appearance there and confident about coming out on top against ourselves. Meanwhile, all the pressure of expectation will be on West Ham. It looks set up for Zigic to be honest.

So I will be cheering on Birmingham's opponents in the semifinal, whoever that may be, desperate for the Blues to be dumped out on their arses. Ideal opponents in the Final, should we get there? It has to be Blackpool surely, even with Royal Holloway in charge! But then again, maybe we want them over two legs! God I feel sick with tension already!


the headmaster said...

For someone with no passion for West Ham and a lack of knowledge, you don't 'arf talk some sense!
The way the past two seasons have gone, West Ham v Birmingham seems pre-destined and I too would be uneasy at that prospect.

Anonymous said...

Strange how fate keeps throwing us together in awkward predicaments, but have to say we feel the same way as you, just dont want to face you in the final, if we get there that is, but hell, what a cracking, nervous game it will be....KRO..

Anonymous said...

.Kevin in Manchester writes

I agree and I wouldn't fancy us against Cardiff at Wesley either, although I think we'd do them over two legs in the semi finals

Anonymous said...

Keep wishing for Blackpool hf there dispatch with brum then do you in the final and all that we've beaten them twice this season ain't going to help you in 1 game at wembley Blackpool are a playoff team have a punt on it at lest it will make u some money !

Beelzebub said...

I am personally hoping for a Middlesbrough 2 game winning run and for Birmingham to lose both of theirs and fall out of the top 6

Look at the fixtures for both clubs this is quite possible...

Here's hoping!

Private Eye said...

I was silenced by HF's secret police for revealing the truth but since befriending a mole and a chicken during my incarceration, i have managed to escape Fort Fanno and find my way back to a computer.

HF Factoid #6
HF owns a beige Austin Healey which he has installed stylish Micky Mouse ears to the roof rack.

Anonymous said...

More defeatism from Spurs Fan. This ain't a proper Ammers site its beenset up by a Spud to spread alarm amongst the faithful. The only problem is only 2.5 people (Head Master is the 0.5 lol) read this drivel.

Anonymous said...

Although the chance of automatic promotion is not mathematically over it's going to be very difficult now. We can only really look towards Middlesbrough beating Southampton on Saturday and us beating Leicester on Monday to take it to the big last game of the season at home to Hull City.

The amount of chances we created and then didn’t take against Bristol City is the hardest thing to take. On the dominance of play, on power of play and on chances created it should have been a victory for us. Because we've missed those chances, we've not capitalised on a very dominant and powerful performance by the players.

We ended up with a draw from a very good performance with the vast majority of the play in the opposition penalty box. We were in complete control of the game from start to finish and, even though they had a little spell after they scored, we took complete control again in the second half.

We can't really have created any more chances than we created away from home. When the ball went squirming across the box it just wouldn't deflect off someone and go into the back of the net for us. A scruffy goal or any goal would have done for us, but we just couldn't find it.

Come on you Irons!

Big Sam

Hammersfan said...

LOL Very good 1628, as I read that I thought, that's Allardyce! I trust you were being sardonic!