Sunday, 15 April 2012

Middlesbrough & Cardiff winning & Leicester losing made it a near perfect day!

I know we are probably clutching at straws because, despite their defeat against Reading, Southampton still looked pretty good to me, but where there's hope and all that...

Apart from Peterborough getting thumped, the results were pretty close to perfect for us. After the draw at Watford,  Hull are out of the running for the play offs so will arrive for the last last game of the season with absolutely nothing to play for, except for pride. If we can't win that one, we don't deserve promotion.

The really scary game in our run in was the Leicester fixture, and it still has the potential to be a banana skin. But the Foxes have had a miserable season and with Cardiff and Miserableboro both winning, their play off chances are effectively dead and buried too. Of course, a home game against the might of West Ham may prove to be a spur, but the fixture has to be easier now nothing hinges on it from Leicester's point of view.

Bristol City, however, still have a lot to play for so Tuesday's game is loaded with threat. That said, should we win at Ashton Gate and Coventry beat Millwall, the Sky Blues could be fighting for their lives come the final day of the season, when they travel to Southampton no less. What a game that could be if we are within striking distance of the Saints and Coventry need a point or three to stay up. The pressure could be huge and, as we saw, Coventry are not as bad a team as their league position suggests.

Of course Southampton remain strong favourites to go up. But there is usually a final sting in the tail as the season draws to a close and Southampton have only won 9 away games all season. Peterborough beat Reading and should have been ahead against us at half time so they will be up for it on Tuesday.

Maybe, just maybe! Hang on, have to go Keira Knightley is knocking on the door demanding I join her and Ninel Conde in a threesome.


Anonymous said...

Both Reading and Saints deserve top spot more than you Bubble Boys. We look forward to putting you out of the play offs.

Hammersfan said...

You lost over two legs against us in the league! Hope you qualify for playoffs, that will mean Southampton drop points!

Anonymous said...

Your presuming teams will just roll-over because they having nothing to play for...your saying that Southampton will be the only team to fuck it up, pressure is still on you guys.
Saints fan!

Hammersfan said...

1106, did you miss the line "Of course Southampton remain strong favourites to go up"? I am assuming nothing. I am dreaming, like the threesome with Keira and Ninel. To be honest that didn't quite live up to expectations as they were both so taken with me that that didn't quite pay as much attention to each other as I would have liked.

daveyparkender said...

yer in the play offs pal, accept it.
Reading will win it & Southampton will be 2nd.
2 far better teams than yerselves.
Just another typical cockney talking machine.

Hammersfan said...

Cocktomyknees sex machine according to Keira and Ninel.

Dave - COYI's said...

Keira Knightley WHU season ticket holdet fact, Reading & Southampton two pisspot teams punching above their weight for one year, enjoy your glory, will be shortlivec

Anonymous said...

Ninel Conde?! fake breasts! how very chavvy of you.

Anonymous said...

A true cockney twat, brains made of jelly eels and blowing bobbles out his ass. We have been top two all season and that's where we will finish. You hit six against the pier benders and you think your the greatest since sliced bread. Enjoy the play offs and a second season in the CHAMPIONSHIP.

Deane said...

Hedge end Bob has never been to game I know he's not even from Hedge End the twat lives in Grange Park
real Saints fans are shitting it because they know that Southampton can implode they've followed the team for longer than the glory rise
COYI Oh Bob I'll pop over the Shamblehurst and buy you a pint to drown your sorrows either at the end of this season or half way through next when you decide you're not a Saints fan cos they don't win anymore and you don your manure shirt again

Anonymous said...