Monday, 16 April 2012

Jaaskelainen the next piece in Allardyce's West Ham Wanderers Masterplan

Now I have been a big fan of Jussi Jaaskelainen for many years and, not withstanding that the guy is 37, I would still regard him as a good signing on a free transfer. But the very fact that we are interested in him tells you one of three things: either Allardyce is absolutely hell bent on rebuilding his mighty Bolton Wanderers side in Claret & Blue; or it has already been decided that England's number 666 Rob Green is on his way in the summer; or both!

We already have an understudy for Green, and if we are staying in the Championship Allardyce won't name a sub keeper anyway. So my money is on Rob leaving if he can sign a contract for QPR without dropping the pen!


Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Your little digs at Greeno say nothing about him and quite a lot about you HF. England's 666? Drop the pen? You genuinely have not got a clue and this is another example of how out of touch with our supporters you are.

If you went to games you'd understand that he has been absolutely outstanding for us this season. He's equal second in my opinion with Ludo behind Parkes as the best we've had in my 35 years of going there. It's common knowledge that he'll probably go in the Summer if we don't go up - and I will be one of thousands of our supporters who won't blame him and will wish him well.

Out of interest who is the understudy you speak of? Henderson is here on loan- If we stay down I'm not convinced we'll sign him- he'd cost another million or so that the club wouldn't be able to afford. In any case I suspect the main reason he came to the club so that we could give Pompey the loan money to keep them afloat and keep the six points we got off them. The other lad Stech would cost the club a similarly prohibitive amount if he plays one or two more games.

Of course all this changes if we go up. Then Green may well stay and we may well sign Henderson. But in the mean-time surely even you can see that it is only sensible for Allardyce to be looking at a decent keeper like the Bolton lad. And I don't care who he has played for before, It couldn't be more irrelevant. Would you have not signed RVT once you realised he used to play for Bolton? No, that would be just too silly for words wouldn't it HF?

Hammersfan said...

You must have started the rant without reading the article Anony-mouse. Did you miss the openingline? "Now I have been a big fan of Jussi Jaaskelainen for many years and, not withstanding that the guy is 37, I would still regard him as a good signing on a free transfer."

My digs at Green are a running joke. He has had a good season because at Championship level the opposition players can't put the same bend and whip on their crosses. He may well be found out come a return to the Prem, and you may note that NONE of the big clubs have expressed an interest in him. Why do you think that is?

Deane said...

I love Greeno (in a footy sense not a WHTID way)
but he ain't a patch on Ludo

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

You say that your digs at Green are a running joke. I see them more as part of your continual denigration of the club and it's players. I've said it before but you really don't come across as a fan at all.

As usual you've failed to answer my points but i'll pay you the courtesy of answering your typically simplistic and weak one.

Green is under contract til June and the club want him to sign a new contract. But his future probably depends on what division we are in next season. You say none of the big clubs have expressed an interest in him, but they wouldn't would they. Any club interested in him wouldn't want to alert others to their interest at such an early stage, or undermine their current keeper at the business end of the season, or make definite decisions as to who to go for when much can happen in the next few months regarding other players availability, etc.

Who knows who will come in for him in the Summer- not you, not me. But what is certain is that it's too soon for clubs to be making firm moves- I dare say that there may be some sniffing around going on but again no fan (not even your all-seeing self) would know that at this stage. To save money free transfers which is what Green would be tend to happen at the end of June/ beginning of July- after all, why would his new club wish to pay his wages when we have to until 30th June.

This is all pretty basic stuff HF. No-one writing a blog like this should need any of this explaining to them.

Anyway I'll leave you to it- you must be pre-planning angles of attacking Allardyce and the lads tomorrow. I must say that you'll need a big improvement on your efforts at the weekend. Before the 6 nil battering we handed out you called the team Allardyce put out 'a mess'- whoops! At half time your head-line was something like '3 nil, but still cause for concern'. Whoops again! I look forward to your informed, non panicky, non- knee-jerk threads tomorrow.

UKIT said...

Risk 1 = Green is out of contract, Impact no good enough keeper.

Risk 2 = If we get promoted, backup keepers are good enough, Impact Green get injured we're screwed

So mitigate risks sign a quality keeper.

Seems sensible to me with no link to what might happen to Green.

Hammersfan said...

Well thanks for the patronising answer but you seem to have missed the point. Parker still had three years of his contract to run but Spurs came in for him. So, please explain why none of the big clubs wanted Green last summer. Bloody hell, Stoke bid for Carlton Cole but there wasn't a sniff for Green. And with his refusal to sign a new contract, S&G would have accepted a pretty low figure. So why? If he is such a good keeper exactly?

Anonymous said...

Green is going regardless what West Ham do. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I make no apologies for patronising you- you set yourself up for it. I've been patronised by you many a time without bleating about it so to hear the king of the patronisers moaning about being patronised is all right by me. Its akin to hearing Noel Edmunds moaning about someone else's bad shirts.

We rip the sh*te out of each other, but this is the first time either of us have moaned about the other's ripostes. Poor show HF. If you dish it out like you do, then you've got to expect it back Thems the rules.

I have no idea why no-one came in for Greeno- just relieved that they didn't. Your argument seems to be that that was because he's not a good keeper- do you really think that?

And btw, I'm not claiming he's a Phil Parkes, Dino Zoff or Neville Southall. Unlike you I don't see it as a player being either brilliant or cr*p. There are 40,000 shades of subtle variety in-between your two black and white options. So from my point of view whilst he's not a great keeper he is a very good one. So for example whilst Greeno is not good enough to displace Joe Hart a City he is certainly better than anything Arsenal have.

You still didn't answer any of my points, just deflected away from them- never mind.

ps. Just seen that Scott Parker is one of only three English players in the six nominees for PFA Player of the Year. So now it's the PFA, the Football Writers, England fans and West Ham fans (3 years in a row) all thinking he's an excellent player. And lined up in the opposite camp is err, you. Once again it must be frustrating for you to know that you, and you alone are right and that those so called experts and those know-nothing players and the fans who watch him week in and week out are all idiots who need putting right. Keep howling at the moon HF.

Hammersfan said...

Re Parker, not at all. He remains the story. Mr Try Hard. That's the trouble with English football, we confuse commitment with brilliance.

Back to Green, you clearly haven't watched Arsenal this season. They now have a class keeper. I'd have Szczesny every day of the week.

So, compare Green to the other keepers in the Prem. You conceded re Hart. Man Utd could have had Green for relative chicken feed so Ferguson doesn't rate him. Cech isn't getting any younger but Chelsea didn't fancy him. Spurs needed a new keeper but opted for a geriatric over Green. Krul or Green? Krul without question. Howard before Green definitely. Reina is better by some way. So now we are looking at 9th downwards. Green can hold his own with the rest, except for Given.

That's been Green's problem. He isn't good enough for the better teams and he earns more at West Ham than any of the lesser teams will pay him. So, he is looking for a £2m signing on fee and lower wages. I predict he will end up at QPR, if they stay up. If they don't, then West Brom or Fulham.

Norwich, West Ham, Fulham - not the CV of a great keeper! (remember Forest were winning European Cups when Shilton played for them! And Banks belonged to an era when Moore stayed at West Ham!)

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

As I said in my last post I agree that he's not a great keeper- I haven't claimed that he is anything other than a very good one. There's a big difference.

Lets see where he ends up, but one thing we do seem to agree on is that he will end up in the Premiership either with us, or the likes of the teams you mentioned. Myself, I'd guess that Mr 'Don't call me Wheeler Dealer or a Tax Evader' will come in for him. Only time will tell.

You've dug yourself into a corner re: Parker. It's a shame you can't ever just swallow your pride and admit that maybe, just maybe you're in a minority in an arguement because you are wrong rather than because everyone else is. If you can't see that he offers more than just commitment then hey ho, then the vast majority of people including the professionals can.

Toodle pip.

Nick said...

Come on Anony-mouse, this is good!!

Hammersfan said...

Parker: Lots of commitment! Lots of energy! Lots of enthusiasm! How many goals so far this season? None. How many assists? If we give him the one against Chelsea, a grand total of two. But he's the anchor midfielder! In which case, Arsenal 5 Tottenham 1 and Chelsea 5 Tottenham 1. Facts. They are a bitch.

Hammersfan said...

Re Green, I don't see him as first choice at many of those Prem clubs!

Anonymous said...

Har Har - haven't laughed so hard in ages! Anony-mouse - I salute you, it's like watching a cat torment a.... well a mouse actually.

Anonymous said...

Where's your blog so we can see how it should all be done?