Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Princess Brady's Chosen Few Rubber Stamp Stadium Switch - Or Else!

Bloody cheek. Brady is claiming West Ham fans back the move to the OS on the basis of canvassing the chosen few who have been allowed to see the plans so far. So "controlled" is this sample that there "hasn’t been a single dissenting voice" according to Her Royal Highness. Well there wouldn't be, would there, when they are part of a select politburo, enlisted to endorse the decisions of the leadership? Dare to express dissent, and their welcome would be quickly revoked.

We all know the game being played. It is frankly incredible that nobody has voiced concerns. Bring together 100 red blooded males and offer them the opportunity of a threesome with Kera Knightley and Nicole Kidman, and somebody will moan, "One is too thin and the other has been around the block once too often". In her desperation to make support sound total, the Princess simply reveals the farcical nature of the advisory board "representing a cross section of the fans". Well the cross section doesn't include people like myself, obviously, people who believe the Boleyn is our home and that the switch is a ploy to help Sullivan and Gold turn a profit.

And, of course, we only have the Princess's word that everybody approves the scheme, because the muppets have signed a confidentiality agreement preventing them from talking about it. So, for all we know, they may all be opposed but may be terrified of speaking out for fear of huge damages claims.

The whole business stinks. The Princess wishes she could share the plans with us all so we could all share the joy. But sadly, we haven't signed the agreement so we couldn't be sued if we spoke out and opposed the plan. Therefore we will have to wait. Wait until it is too late. And then we will be told, but the fans were consulted and every single one of you approved!


Emlyn said...

apparently, Allardyce is going to come out with some "shocking" statements in tomorrows paper.

Stani said...

This is what you can have HF:

When you're ready Granddad!

jimwhu said...

hf i dunno if you heard dales show on the radio but some bloke left gold stuttering and dale made to look stupid if you didnt listen to it try and get it online youl fill your blogg up for the next year from it i have now got great reservations about the os

Hammersfan said...

But as Dale is discovering, change address, you lose your News Now link.

John said...

What happens if the owner's don't want to renew the 99 year lease or ask for a ridiculously high price to renew it? Presumably safe guards are being put in place to prevent this from happening.
The trajectory of the os is too low to create the atmospheric cauldron required of a modern football stadium
It was designed incorrectly for a football and no matter how much tinkering goes on it will never be any good, and exactly how is it going to convert us into a big club? Is our support going to double just because we move into a bodged up stadium?

Chunky said...

The show Jim is referring to can be found at Definitely worth a listen

Chunky said...

Bah, subscription only.

Hammersfan said...

Hush John, we are all in support of the move remember!

Revolver said...

I listened to the interview podcast. Gold says that most of the surveys show that 70% of our support are in favour. Brady says that 100% of the consultative board of fans who, according to Gold have been selected by our supporters, are in favour although Gold said in the interview that it was 98%. Who selected these fans then?

On the show, Iain Dale said that in a poll on his website 70% were either in favour or open to the idea. Presumably this poll is the “most of the surveys” that Gold refers to. My guess is that this poll was conducted when Spurs were showing an interest because the same thing happened on KUMB. Their original polls showed most people against until Spurs stuck their ugly mug into it and then most were in favour. Lo and behold now that Spurs have pulled out, their latest poll shows more people against.

Like Gold and Brady we can all quote random figures to support our argument if no documentary evidence is available so I'll quote a random figure. 100% of the West Ham fans I've spoken to are against the move. It’s only 3 (including myself) but wtf?

And Gold is just hiding behind so called confidentiality clauses to the ridiculous extent that he said he can only talk about the seats at the top of the stadium and not those near the front!

The good news is that Barry Hearn is continuing to act like one of those aggressive little terriers who won’t let go of a stick after it’s fetched it and is maintaining that West Ham’s bid should be rejected as we missed a deadline to get permission from the Football League.