Friday, 27 April 2012

Allardyce Excited By Chelsea Tactics

God help us. Writing in the Evening Standard, Allardyce turns his attention to the Chelsea performance against Barcelona and, commenting upon the tactics employed following the sending off, says "Normally you would plump for 4-4-1 but Chelsea went 4-5-0."

That's all we need! Expect a revision to the game plan anytime soon! Allardyce puts the blame for our failure to secure automatic promotion on the misfiring forwards anyway - great motivation ahead of the showdown with Hull where we probably need to score three or more - so following the Chelsea performance, don't be surprised to see him go 4-6-0 in the playoffs!

Let's face it, Sam's only interested in not losing, and in the stat which shows how any times we get the ball into the box. With six in midfield, that should be a simples. By out-numbering the opposition in the middle of the park, you can look to win the ball back each time they collect a long ball lump, then fire it straight back again. We will have nobody in the opposition box to collect the lump of course, but that doesn't matter!

Sam will tell us, "Chelsea scored twice against the best team in the world playing without a striker" and blame the players if the tactics don't work out as his stats suggest they should!


Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

HF- where to start?

It's not really a show-down tomorrow as you put it. I'd rate our chances of going up tomorrow as about 5%. If it happens amazing- it's important that we try to go for it but even if we do then a Coventry result is still unlikely. So any show-down for us this season is likely to take place in a few weeks time. Not being negative- just realistic btw.

He said Chelsea set up 4 5 0. They did didn't they after Terry did what Terry does. He didn't say 'wow- what a great idea. I'm going to do that just to annoy HF and the rest of the malcontents'. So fear not about a 4 6 0 formation.

And despite your constant claims regarding his negativity Sam's is not just interested in not losing. We've won (just) more than 50% of all league games under him. That compares more than favourably with previous managers.

Glad you've finally got your maths right. If Saints don't lose, we do indeed need at least three goals. More if their game is a goalless draw. I notice after all of your threads bemoaning our scoring record a few weeks ago you have written none about our free-scoring last few games. Never mind. All that's important is that we now have goals in us. They may not come/ help tomorrow- football is like that, but we are set up nicely for the play-offs if that is what it is to be. COYI.

Hammersfan said...

It was tongue in cheek mate.

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I know and that's why I wasn't my usual obnoxious self in response.

Hammersfan said...

LOL I think the truth is that you're warming to me! You'll be asking for a date next! ; }

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Don't wait by the phone HF- you'll be sadly disappointed.

I'm going to the game tomorrow and it's an early start for me followed by copious amounts of lager and maybe a nice cider if I can find one so.

HF- I know you kind of half-heartedly had a stab at 'positivity' the other week and it didn't really suit you :) but give them a bit of a break tomorrow. I know I am easily parodied by you as an 'Allardyce Apostate' which I do actually find funny and infuriating in almost equal measures, but all I really am is an old style West Ham fan- supportive, mouthy, an instinctive defender of my team from all comers (including you- 'the enemy within' :) as a truly despicable prime minister once called a group of decent men who just wanted to work). Those attributes are for me what our support is famous for.

So surprise your fans and me tomorrow by really getting behind the lads HF- this team can go up and have a better chance of doing so if everybody backs them.

ps- 4 5 1 (so long as it can morph into the fluid 4 3 3 we saw at Leicester) would be fine by me for tomorrow. We have nothing to lose as we are finishing third come whatever the result. Hull don't concede many and probably won't be pushovers tomorrow but it would be a real shame to not give it a real go and then find out Coventry's wood-work was hit 217 times but they held out for a nil nil draw.

Hammersfan said...

I will be 100% behind the team, as I always am. Never booed a West Ham team nor an individual player, unlike many! I expect a 3-0 victory. I'm praying for a Coventry win. 1-1 after 85 mins, Southampton doing sums and reckoning on getting up because we are only 2-0 up, sit back. Coventry steal a goal and hang on! COYI!

Annapolis Iron said...

I truly believe special events will unfold tomorrow. Get stuck in and stick some in early.

Jonathan Ross said...

To see HF and Anony-mouse singing perfect harmony together - its a sign of good things to come tomorrow! COYI!!!

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Fair do's- although you definitely have a funny way of showing your support sometimes HF, and you know it :)

I feel no stress regarding tomorrow as it shouldn't and probably won't happen. I don't know what to expect really- that's the beauty of our game. I can't see Saints losing/ not scoring so we'll probably need a 4-0 or 5-1 against a team that concede less than one per game away from home. Saints are the only team that will be feeling pressure tonight. A high tempo start a la Brighon, and an early goal or two and who knows? If that happens it will filter back to the Scummers ground and then pressure could, just could tell. They should deal comfortably with Coventry but pressure can be debilitating.

I'd love it to happen but like most expect us have a few more weeks of torment ahead of us.

We'll see.

Traveling Hammer said...

I am afraid my money is on Coventry shocking Soton, us dominating, but with Sam seeing the progress at St Mary's settling for a 1-0 win, only for Hull to equalize in the 89th minute. Our season in a nutshell!!